Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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The Other Perspective Excerpt: This whole Dubai Ports/UAE fiasco has now gotten out of hand. Yesterday, after posting my original post on the issue, I researched and was exposed to arguments for allowing the deal to go through. Cyrus Pacis's comment in my previous post lends some ... Weblog: The Liberal Wrong Wing Tracked: 02.22.06 - 5:15 am Backless Lingerie Excerpt: No- not underwear you have worn so long that the seat is coming out of it. This is a brilliant design by an Australian company. The Backless Lingerie panty is touted as “more comfortable than a thong, more discreet than a brief.”No... Weblog: Talking About Lingerie Tracked: 02.22.06 - 5:31 am

South Dakota Abortion Ban Heads To Senate For Vote Excerpt: If you've been reading RightWinged.com regularly, you know we've been following the bill in South Dakota that would ban all abortions except when the the mother's life is at risk, and that abortion performing doctors could be charged with a... Weblog: RightWinged.com Tracked: 02.22.06 - 10:23 am

Does It All Go Back to Immigration? Excerpt: “American hegemony” is not “the cause” of hatred toward the West. Rather, it is the intolerance and lack of self control on the part of the haters of The Great Satan — which just happens to be the most tolerant nation on ... Weblog: TMH's Bacon Bits Tracked: 02.22.06 - 2:43 pm 7 Babies Parachuting (Music Video) Excerpt: Today's video features seven babies jumping out of the Jefferson Airplane to land on someone a lot better looking than Grace Slick. The re-mix is great. Enjoy. (Downside of Metacafe is it just plays on its own Weblog: My Daily Video Tracked: 02.22.06 - 5:50 pm "Place Bacon Upon Him" Open Trackback And Linkfest Excerpt: Gee -- I made one snide comment in response to Death Threat Dude and folks were terrible amused -- so amused that I feel i need a graphic to go along with the mean-spirited rip at someone who indicated i... Weblog: Rhymes With Right Tracked: 02.22.06 - 6:53 pm