Friday, February 24, 2006

What Everybody's Talking About

How about a linkfest party for the weekend ... while I'm trying to get my act together with a template, new blogging program and doing what I have to do over the weekend. Just link back here with whatever you have to say ....
What Do You Have To Say?

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Excerpt: Congratulations goes to John from Holstein Grove for being the one to break Stray Dog Found's month long winning streak. Of course, Holstein Grove won the title for knowing that Alec Baldwin is, indeed, a moron. So, what can I...
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Tracked: 02.24.06 - 3:04 am What Is Really Going On In Iraq? / Weekend Open Trackback 2.24.06 Excerpt: Should we believe TIME, and MSNBC who tell us a low grade civil war is already underway and about to explode into mass violence? Or should we believe the numerous bloggers, and reporters (who are not hiding behind the green line) on the ground in Ir... Weblog: The Real Ugly Tracked: 02.24.06 - 7:18 am Friday/Weekend Open Trackbacks Excerpt: Another trackback post! Leave a trackback and I'll post a link to your blog in this post! A link back here would be appreciated. Weblog: The Liberal Wrong Wing Tracked: 02.24.06 - 7:25 am UAE Port Deal: Islamophobia or Worthy of Concern Excerpt: So should we truly be concerned with the fact that an Islamic state run company is taking over operations of six major U.S. ports? The answer is: absolutely. While the UAE has been, as Steven Emerson has pointed out, an... Weblog: Everyman Chronicles Tracked: 02.24.06 - 8:27 am
I am Fed Up! Excerpt: I am completely fed up with people. I went to bed pissed off, and I woke up still pissed off. People in this country are worthless and weak. We the people are going to be the destruction of this great country.People are too busy to give FIVE MINUTES ... Weblog: The Uncooperative Blogger Tracked: 02.24.06 - 11:36 am

South Dakota Forging Ahead Excerpt: The reactions from the left are very telling:Ohhhhhh, fu*k... Weblog: Church and State Tracked: 02.24.06 - 2:16 pm

Cartoon Jihad - let's make a list Excerpt: Considering the violence, riots and threats of more to come for every insult to extremists within Islam, perhaps a list of what offends them should be made. It could be carried around by those who are not brave enough to stand up against the attempt ... Weblog: Mark My Words Tracked: 02.24.06 - 6:24 pm
Islam Can’t Blame Bush, Cheney, Christianity, And America Forever Excerpt: Why do all of the problems in the Middle East appear to boil down to Bush, Cheney, America, or Christianity? How about Islam, and the Muslims who support it, take some of the responsibility for their current position in life. If there is one part of we... Weblog: Voteswagon Tracked: 02.25.06 - 5:34 am CARNIVAL OF THE CELEBRITIES Excerpt: Mensa Barbie leads this week’s carnival with 2,000 diamonds in a necklace.Multiple Mentality: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: it’s over! Weblog: Don Surber Tracked: 02.25.06 - 5:47 am Muslim Christian Relations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Part II Excerpt: The bloody Crusades…and bloody they were. The first Crusade was brought about by Christian Emperor, Alexis I. He asked the Pope, Urban II, to help him rid the Anatolian Peninsula (what we now call Turkey) of the “unbelievers.” The Pop... Weblog: Quietly Making Noise Tracked: 02.25.06 - 9:05 am
RIP, Don Knotts Excerpt: Sad news, one of the original funny men, Don Knotts, has died today at the age of 81. Don was a man who believed in clean humor, and he made it work. Who can forget Barney Fife (”nip it in the bud, Andy,) or the Incredible Mr. Limpet? Or Mr Fur... Weblog: Pirate's Cove Tracked: 02.25.06 - 2:07 pm
Keep Your Children Safe Excerpt: Myself and Paula at 43rd State Blues have little in common, but sometimes, something is so important it transcends party politics. Such is the case with Paula's recent post. She writes:Do you have a sex offender in YOUR neighborhood? Do you kn... Weblog: Adam's Blog Tracked: 02.26.06 - 7:00 am