Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Part of the Problem

Posted at Free Constitution:
Law-breakers punished... with jobs? I suppose there is a niche for every non-profit organization:

Since 1992, the number of hiring halls that help illegal immigrants get jobs and protect their rights has mushroomed, growing from just five in that year to 140 across the nation...

Illegal immigration is a big problem, a problem aided by these hiring halls.

Interfaith's hiring hall helps arrange work for about 50 people a day ---- most of them illegal immigrants, said spokeswoman Deborah Andreasen.

Another problem, is the fact that these folks who aren't even supposed to be here get treated like, well like this:

A recent survey of 117,000 day laborers conducted by three universities, including the University of California Los Angeles, reported that more than three-fourths of those workers were illegal immigrants. The report, released in late January, also stated that in the two months prior to the survey, nearly half of all those workers had been denied payment for their work.

These hiring halls make it easier to motivate non-citizens to immigrate illegally, easier to find them work, and thus easier for employers to find slave-labor. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. These hiring halls put new meaning in "road of good intentions."

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