Sunday, February 19, 2006

American Newspapers are Afraid

The Boston Globe By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist February 19, 2006

THE PHOENIX is Boston's leading ''alternative" newspaper, the kind of brash, pull-no-punches weekly that might have been expected to print without hesitation the Mohammed cartoons that Islamists have been using to incite rage and riots across the Muslim world. Its willingness to push the envelope was memorably demonstrated in 2002, when it broke with most media to publish a grisly photograph of Daniel Pearl's severed head, and supplied a link on its website to the sickening video of the Wall Street Journal reporter's beheading. But the Phoenix isn't publishing the Mohammed drawings, and in a brutally candid editorial it explained why. ''Our primary reason," the editors confessed, is ''fear of retaliation from . . . bloodthirsty Islamists who seek to impose their will on those who do not believe as they do . . . Simply stated, we are being terrorized, and . . . could not in good conscience place the men and women who work at the Phoenix and its related companies in physical jeopardy. As we feel forced, literally, to bend to maniacal pressure, this may be the darkest moment in our 40-year-publishing history." The vast majority of US media outlets have shied away from reproducing the drawings, but to my knowledge only the Phoenix has been honest enough to admit that it is capitulating to fear. Many of the others have published high-minded editorials and columns about the importance of ''restraint" and ''sensitivity" and not giving ''offense" to Muslims. Several have claimed they wouldn't print the Danish cartoons for the same reason they wouldn't print overtly racist or anti-Semitic material. The managing editor for news of The Oregonian, for example, told her paper's ombudsman that not running the images is like avoiding the N-word -- readers don't need to see a racial slur spelled out to understand its impact. Yet a Nexis search turns up at least 14 occasions since 1999 when The Oregonian has published the N-word unfiltered. So there are times when it is appropriate to run material that some may find offensive. Rationalizations notwithstanding, the refusal of the US media to show the images at the heart of one of the most urgent stories of the day is not about restraint and good taste. It's about fear. Editors and publishers are afraid the thugs will target them as they targeted Danny Pearl and Theo van Gogh; afraid the mob will firebomb their newsrooms as it has firebombed Danish embassies. ''We will not accept less than severing the heads of those responsible," an imam in Gaza preaches. ''Whoever insults a prophet, kill him," reads the sign carried by a demonstrator in London. Those are not figures of speech but deadly threats, and American newspapers and networks are intimidated. Not everyone has succumbed. The Weekly Standard reproduced the 12 cartoons, and some have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Sun, and even Spare Change News, a Boston biweekly sold by homeless people. But there has been nothing like the defiance shown in Europe, where some two dozen publications in 13 countries have run the cartoons, insisting that they will not allow thugs to decide what a free press can publish. Journalists can be incredibly brave, but when it comes to covering the Arab and Muslim world, too many news organizations have knuckled under to threats. Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, a veteran foreign correspondent, admitted long ago that ''physical intimidation" by the PLO led reporters to skew their coverage of important stories or to ignore them ''out of fear." Similarly, CNN's former news executive, Jordan Eason, acknowledged after the fall of Saddam Hussein that his network had long sanitized its news from Iraq, since reporting the unvarnished truth ''would have jeopardized the lives of . . . our Baghdad staff." Like the Nazis in the 1930s and the Soviet communists in the Cold War, the Islamofascists are emboldened by appeasement and submissiveness. Give the rampagers and book-burners a veto over artistic and editorial decisions, and you end up not with heightened sensitivity and cultural respect, but with more rampages and more books burned. You betray ideals that generations of Americans have died to defend. And worse than that: You betray as well the dissidents and reformers within the Islamic world, the Muslim Sakharovs and Sharanskys and Havels who yearn for the free, tolerant, and democratic culture that we in the West take for granted. What they want to see from America is not appeasement and apologies and a dread of giving offense. They want to see us face down the fanatics, be unintimidated by bullies. They want to know that in the global struggle against Islamist extremism, we won't let them down.

The Phoenix has admitted they have not published the Muhammad cartoons out of fear. Some New York Times reporters have admitted fear. A former CNN executive has admitted to fear. The Weekly Standard reproduced the 12 cartoons. Philadelphia Inquirer has printed the cartoons. The New York Sun has printed the cartoons. Some small local publications have reproduced the cartoons.
European journalist have been more courageous than American journalist. There is something very wrong with this picture! We are all afraid. We are afraid because we know these threats are real, very real. We know this enemy is very real and determined to destroy us. From the History News Network,

Last night Donald Rumsfeld went on Charlie Rose show and told him in as straight forward a manner as he could that Al Qaeda, with its highly coordinated and sophisticated media apparatus, has been successful in getting MSM to help them fight their war against the West. As the current war on Islamism is asymmetric, Rumsfeld further argued, it cannot be won on the ground by soldiers, but must be won in the hearts and minds of the soldiers' homeland. Hence, unless the US government and its allies find an effective way to counter Al Qaeda's successful use MSM, the West will lose the war with Islamism.

The problem is, appeasement will not work. As the Jacoby article so clearly states, appeasement only emboldens our enemy and discourages those who would stand with us. Is this so difficult to comprehend? I believe that if we stand up to this enemy they will crumble very quickly. Yet, we continue with this insane attempt to pretend they aren't there, that the world is not on fire and that they have not declared war on us. All we are doing is prolonging the agony and giving the enemy more time to plan and gather strength. Many of the MSM have submitted. What's the alternative? It's us. I have heard this is the cartoon they really, really hate. :)


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