Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Emperor's New Clothes

I watched a 60 Minutes segment the other night in which Bob Simon 'investigated' the roots of the Cartoon Riots. With an air of authority and superiority, he portrayed the Danes as child-like and living in a land of fantasy. He implied the whole affair had been set off by the naivete of the Danish nation. He implied the Danes were shocked by the realities of the world focused on them. Oh really? As I was watching this display of overt propaganda, I was seroiusly offended. Of course, the fact that I was offended does not mean I'm going to be fire-bombing embassies or throwing rocks at journalists as they go by me. Michelle Malkin has a letter from a Danish citizen who saw the same broadcast.

My hometown is Odense and Hans Christian Andersen wrote in The Emperor’s Clothes that ‘it took a little boy to dare tell the truth’. I would have liked Bob Simon of CBS to have taken that cue.

It did not seem to occur to Mr. Simon that perhaps it wasn't a lack of sophistication that caused the Danes to stand firm in their position for free speech and freedom of the press. It didn't seem to occur to him that perhaps the Danes understand this issue very well, perhaps better than he does. Perhaps, they understand what is at stake and what it takes to fight an enemy such as this. In spite of what some apparently believe, everyone doesn't shrivel up and cower in the face of a fight. You can see the video of the report at Expose the Left.
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