Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Perv Report


Founder and President of the local chapter of P.E.R.V., Samantha held a called special exclusive private closed executive select committee meeting of the P.E.R.V. secret society today. This meeting was as a result of a most distressing encounter she had today with vegetarians at her local Joe's Vegetorium Grocers. It sounds like the whole situation go out of hand rather quickly with all too many innocent veggies being sacrificed in an attempt to intimidate her.
I can't get the image of the severed broccoli head out of my mind. It's just so upsetting. She may need some group hugs or at the very least vengence. If you care at all about the heartless cruel inhumane dastardly destruction of vegetables you will want to know more. You can read the minutes of the meeting here.
Hang in there Samantha, you have shown uncommon courage through all this. This too will pass.
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