Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Senior Airman Kimberly Bickford is Wednesday Hero

Senior Airman Kimberly Bickford

Senior Airman Kimberly Bickford
332nd Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

U.S. Air Force

Senior Airman Kimberly Bickford performs a pre-load check July 28 on an F-16 Fighting Falcon at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, to ensure the cable that releases the bomb is operational.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Online Personal Ads for Everyone

Prime Dating Sites is the little black book that provides online personal ads for everyone. Seriously, what is a “little black book”? It is a book in which someone keeps a list of his previous dates and ranks them according to some kind of personal review system.

Prime Dating Sites does the same thing, not with dates, but with online dating sites. After thoroughly testing each of the online dating and matching services, they review them for those who are considering entering into a relationship with them. Most clients of dating services make their selection based upon advertising. It makes so much more sense to objectively look at the various options and choose the service that best matches your own interests and intents.

Perfect Match,, Yahoo Personals,,, Lavalife,,, Friend Finder, American Singles — they all are good in their own way, so how do you choose between them? Let Prime Dating Sites help you discover how they differ and how they each fill their own unique niche. You have specific criteria that you desire in an online dating. Prime Dating Sites can help you work through the selection process and find the one that best suits you.

Isn’t it time to trade in that little black book for a ginormous database of interesting people, one of whom may be your perfect match?

Tim Russert Dead

Tim Russert - Video

As everyone knows by now, Tim Russert died at work earlier this afternoon. His death was sudden and unexpected. He apparently collapsed, probably from sudden heart failure, and was unable to be revived. He was 58-years-old.

Aside from the obvious sadness at any death, it is always something that takes me aback that someone can be here one minute and gone the next. I know that obviously, but we don't think of it very often. When something like this happens, its a reminder that nothing is guaranteed. I take it as a reminder to be thankful for the blessings we have today as opposed to looking for something tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Timesheet Software

Timesheet Software is incredibly sophisticated these days with the capability to handle everything from a staff of just a few employees through complicated huge corporations and everything in between.

However, when you get right down to it there’s a timesheet at the core of it all and without that information being correctly completed, none of the sophistication is of any use at all. Of course, that's why its important that there is a simple and trustworthy method of inputing the information required to accurately complete time sheets. It needs to be as simple as possible with clear and precise instructions and in terms that are easily understood by whoever is filling out the original data. Otherwise, you end up with a mess on your hands and don't get a true reflection of time management issues.

The software helps you identify areas that need attention and areas that are producing efficiently. Its not a matter of estimating anymore, you can have precise data that reflects time management issues throughout your business. You can also use the data gathered to get better estimates on any future projects you have planned.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what time management software can do to help you build your business. Check out their website for a good overview of everything that the software can do. You might just find that its exactly what you need for a more smoothly run business.

Texas Governor's Mansion Fire

Texas Governor's Mansion Fire - Video

The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, was not home when the Governor's mansion burned over the weekend. Fortunately, no one was at home as the 152-year-old mansion was destroyed by fire. Today he spoke for the first time about the fire. He vows that the mansion will be rebuilt to its landmark status once again.

The cause of the fire is being investigated and thought to have been arson.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Have Fun Shopping Online!

I’m a bargain shopper. I like nice things and I like to pay as little as possible for those nice things. I don’t mean cheap, I mean inexpensive - there’s a difference ) is a website that offers online coupons with coupon codes and fantastic deals from over 1,000 merchants! When I visited the site I was amazed at how user friendly it was and at the huge number of name brand merchants that offer significant savings through the use of coupons online.

The site stays up to date with daily updates providing the very latest coupons and product deals. It is easy to navigate making it very simple to find the latest bargains on the web.

I checked out several product categories and found myself in the Health & Beauty section. I went to The Body Shop coupons and found a range of types of coupons, from a dollar amount off with the purchase of a specific product, to free shipping with a purchase to getting an additional product with the purchase of products and more.

On each page the coupons are listed along with their expiration dates, redemption instructions and a list of related merchants you can check out.

I liked that I could browse through Boden USA clothing catalog online sales! How cool is that! I love and Banana Republic! There are so many stores with great deals on coupons that its hard to pick just a few. Check it out for yourself and find what you are looking for!

Happy online shopping!

Olympic Torch Relay in Beijing

Olympic Torch Relay in Beijing - Video

All of the controversy about the Olympic Torch relay has fallen by the wayside as the torch is working its way through Beijing. It reached the city of Kunming in Yunan Province on Monday and moved on to Beijing on Wednesday. As of today, it is winding its way through Beijing where it will be for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in August.

Shop Goldyn for Great Style

An awful lot of people love shopping online. Its fast, easy and fun. You aren't restricted to the shops in your local shopping mall. You can roam freely throughout the world and find the items you need from behind your computer. Its a wonderful thing!

Shop Goldyn takes the concept of shopping online to a whole new level. They offer you the convenience of shopping online at your leisure, and they will will also bring their boutique to you. You read that right. They will bring the boutique to you! How cool is that!? You can have a few friends over, choose five of your favorite brands and they will throw you a party. That means they take care of invitations, food, drinks .... everything ... and its complimentary.

Best of all Shop Goldyn has great style. They carry the best brands and make them available to you at very reasonable prices. Their website is set up so you can easily browse by design or by brand.

A few of the designers they carry include: Andrea Brueckner, Charlotte Ronson, Goldyn ViNtAgE, H Fredriksson, Hartford, Manoush, Mint, Poles, Skin and Threads, Diabless and many more. That's just the beginning of your choices.

I almost forgot, if you live in the Colorado Front Range area you can have a complimentary personal stylist come to your home as part of the fashion party that I mentioned earlier. The stylist will assist with consultations and private fittings. They will help you find the right styles that maximize your assets and camouflage any flaws you might have. They will help you get the wardrobe that is right for you based on your own personal style, lifestyle and preferences.

Sounds like a great deal to me.

Queen Tells Kate Middleton to Get a Job

Kate Middleton

The Queen of England is telling Prince William that Kate Middleton has to get a job and actually work before they take any steps towards marriage. The subject of Kate Middleton's lack of employment since she graduated college three years ago. She's piddled with this and that, but she's not actually been employed. She seems to be focusing more on a career as Princess in Waiting as opposed to seeking out any other career paths.

At 82-years-old, the Queen maintains a full work schedule and is said to feel strongly that people should work. She also is said to feel strongly that the Royals should set an example of hard work. She doesn't quite know what Kate Middleton does with her time and doesn't want a public relations problem that might be caused by having a Royal WAG on William's arm.

So she's laid down the law to William. Kate gets a job. Period. Oh, and she has to actually work the job for more than a month or two (which has been her pattern).

I guess time will tell if the Queen will be able to influence Kate to do more than wait for Prince William to ask her to marry him.

Kate Middleton - Video

Grandfather Clocks are Great!

grandfather clockI have never had a grandfather clock anywhere I've lived. I don't know why. I love them. I think they add personality and charm to any home, but we've moved around a lot and for whatever reason I've never gotten one. I guess I was afraid to move it. Plus, I kind of had the idea in my head that they were all pretty much alike. That's just not true, there are a ton of grandfather clock options. The variety in styles, chines and tunes is almost staggering.

Most of the one's I've seen in other people's houses are the traditional ones that we all think of when we think of grandfather clocks. Who says that grandfather clocks are all the same? I have found a website with the most beautiful grandfather clocks of all shapes and sizes. They don't just have grandfather clocks, they have Grandfather Clocks, Wall Clocks, Mantel Clocks and more.

I love the one featured to the right. It is part of the Howard Miller Triple Chime Grandfather Clock line at If you click on the image to the right you can go to the larger image and see the beautiful Tuscany Cherry wood grain and delicate carvings in the wood. If (WHEN!) I buy one, I think that will be the one I get. I already have a place for it. It'll go right inside my front door in the front foyer so it'll be seen as soon as someone comes into the house.

This is just one grandfather clock in a huge selection of beautiful clocks of all kinds. You can shop by brand or type of clock. Their inventory includes wall clocks, mantle clocks. It also includes Howard Miller, Bulova, Ridgeway, Kieninger, Seth Thomas and more. Whether your style is classic, traditional or ultra modern, you can find it at Also, check out their blog at

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Petty Officer Second Class Adam F. Kenney is Wednesday Hero

Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam F. Kinney

Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam F. Kenney
U.S. Navy

Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam F. Kinney, a Navy Corpsman with Company E, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 1, gives an Iraqi Child a shot during a routine patrol. Kinney is assigned to Echo Co. for their seven-month deployment and will return to his parent command, 4th Tank Battalion in Fort Knox, Ky., upon his arrival.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Weight Loss Diet Help

I want to be healthy all the time yet I do have a problem and I am gaining weight almost daily. Many people today are having problems maintaining their weight and they are very prone to obesity. Once they are gaining weight, this is the time they seek for help. And now they seek help online which really provides something if they find the right website. There are thousands of websites that pertains to weight loss but I found a great site.

Weight Loss Diet Help provides us comparison on the leading diet plans and weight loss programs such as Nutrisystems, Medifast, Weight Watches and Ediets. What I want from here are the lists of online and discount coupons for these diet programs which allow you to save some bucks.

You can enhance your knowledge also by reading articles with weight loss tips, easy fitness program ideas, healthy diet and nutrition suggestions, exercise plans. They even have healthy dietary menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

If you are frustrated with trying to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight, then check out their website. What do you have to lose, other than a few pounds!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gene Simmons Doesn't Mind Being Patriotic

Not all of Hollywood thinks its cool to redefine patriotism as undermining the military and bad mouthing the administration at every turn.

Gene Simmons is unapologetically patriotic and supportive of the military.

Gene Simmons - Video

Monday, May 26, 2008

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you find yourself in need of an attorney and are in Southern California, you might do well to look up the law firm of Kestenbaum, Eisner & Gorin, LLP.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys | California Felony and Misdemeanor Defense Lawyers are among the best. They are rated in the top 5% of U.S. law firms by Martindale-Hubbell. They have more than 50 years of experience with excellent track records in criminal defense in part due to their previous experience as prosecutors.

They are available 24/7 at (877) 781-1570.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

German Couple Try to Sell Their Baby on eBay

I don't even know what to say about this! I think that if they were seriously trying to sell their baby they would have surely offered to sell him for $5 instead of a buck-fifty ... but what do I know. We all get frustrated when our babies are little ... you know, lack of sleep and dirty diapers get old pretty quickly. But usually if we joke about selling the baby we are really just joking. At least we would think better of it by the time we got to the computer and actually went through the process of posting an offer to sell the child.

I would say they just can't be that bright, but they are bright enough to use the computer. I'm glad the State took the baby away.

Gifts for Any Occasion Online

Shopping online is great, especially when you can get what you need at better prices than you can find by trudging around to every store in town. I'm attending a wedding this weekend. I needed to find a great gift but didn't have time to go all over town. I clicked over to Best Online Coupons and was able to shop at the best stores online, with coupons, all from one website. You can find terrific gifts for any occasion online. They have set up a website that offers discounts and coupons with some well known and reputable merchants.

They have discount coupons for merchants like Sharper Image, Things Remembered, The Vermont Country Store, just to name a few. When you go to the website you will find there are plenty more to browse though. also offers smart bargains coupons that make the deals you find there even better! does the shopping leg work for you. They work at keeping the best coupons for quality products up to date so you can find them all in one place. All you have to do is click through to her website to find great online coupon shopping deals. They have them there waiting for you!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dead Woman Comes Back to Life

Dead Woman Comes Back to Life - Video

Val Thomas had several heart attacks and had no life signs for 17 1/2 hours, rigor mortis had set in and the family was discussing organ donation. The organ donation issue is why she's alive now. She was kept on a respirator even though she had not had any brain wave activity for hours. She was put on other machines as well to keep her organs healthy while the organ donation process continued.

It wasn't until the nurses started removing her from the oxygen that she came back to life. She has no heart blockage and appears she's going to be just fine.

Woah! Bet that freaked some people out!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guide to Web Hosting Sites

If you are in the market for web hosting you might want to check out Web Hosting Choice ( ). I know that I get confused about what different web hosts offer. I look at this one and that one trying to figure out which one is the better deal. Web Hosting Choice does the comparison shopping for you. That just makes it so much easier!

They compare all the elements you need to know about in order to make a good decision about which hosting service is right for your needs. For instance, get comparisons of bandwidth offers, hosting prices versus services offered and much more. They even give you a review of scams to be on the look out for.

If you are looking for a web hosting service you can make it easy on yourself and use Web Hosting Choice to help you decide which service is right for your needs.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lost Season 4 Finale - There's No Place Like Home

I have come to accept that the writers, producers, directors and actors of Lost are sadists. The teasers, cliffhangers, twists and turns are endless and excruciating. At the same time, you don't really want it all to end, which probably means that those of us who watch it are masochists. Now they are making us wait another week for the 'evening of Lost' that will be the season 4 finale.

Last week's episode left us with some understanding of how the various people who end up as the Oceanic 6 came to be the ones to get off the island. It didn't seem like some of them to have gone ahead of others, so how did that happen? Jack, for instance, it wouldn't be like him to get on a rescue boat before the others. Last week it started making sense. Different ones in different places all being lead to the same end.

I've read some spoilers, but I've heard false spoilers have been leaked on purpose to keep the surprises coming. I guess we'll find out. I'll not include the spoilers here - you can find them online if you want to know.

Lost Season 4 Finale - Video

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Excellent Cheap Web Hosting!

Choosing web hosting can be a little mind boggling. There are so many choices and if you aren't all that computer savvy it can be very confusing. You have choices on how much bandwidth, storage space and terms like cgi and ftp. You really have to know a lot to be able to compare hosting services and see that you are getting the best service for your needs. Expensive services are not necessarily better services. The point is to get what you need at the best price you can.

You can get cheap web hosting that serves your needs without having to give yourself a major headache searching through websites and trying to compare all the different offerings. That's why it is so helpful to have a site like Web Hosting Rating where you can read articles about the various aspects of different types of services. In their articles on finding cheap web hosting they recommend reading testimonials of existing customers, understanding the effect of bad customers who might be sharing the same server (I've had personal experience with that!) and getting a good understanding of whether the hosting company will be able to serve your needs over the long term.

With web hosting, you can't judge the quality of a service by the price. Some of the best services out there are cheap. Just be sure you find a cheap hosting service that is also the best for your needs.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Davila is Wednesday Hero

This Weeks Hero Was Suggested By Cindy

Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Davila
Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Davila From Sierra Vista, Arizona
U.S. Naval Reserve

On the sixth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States, Petty Officer 2nd Class Chris Davila raised an American flag over Camp Korean Village, Iraq, he brought with him from Arizona.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008, Sierra Vista firefighter and emergency medical technician Chris Davila presented that flag to Fire Chief Randy Redmond as fellow firefighters looked on. Monday, May 5, 2008, was Davila's first day back on the job with the department after being gone for nearly nine months, with seven of those months deployed as a Navy Reserve corpsman serving with a Marine unit near the Jordanian and Syrian border area in Iraq.

And, as luck would have it, on his first shift saw him responding to a blaze in Sierra Vista. "Right back to work," he said with a laugh.

You can read the rest of PO 2nd Class Davila's story here.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IBackup Online Now Supports Mac and iPhone

IBackup Online is growing and improving the services they have to offer. They have recently included a version of their services that is built for Mac! They have also included enhancements making it easier for you to view and share your data view iPhone and other hand held devices! Now you can not only be sure that your data is securely backed up, but you can access it easily from multiple types of devices.

I've lost my information twice and really value the ability to back up online. Both times it was work related and both times the entire contents of my financial program was lost. It was not a small matter. In both incidents it had to do with lightening storms and it took us months to reenter data that was lost.

After the first time I started looking into an Online Backup system but never followed through. I followed through immediately the second time. I learned my lesson about the importance of data backup. Online Storage is great because it is off site and no affected by whatever happens to your home or work computer.

IBackup Online offers very user friendly interface with storage features where users online data appear as a mapped drive or folder on their desktop. Working with data online couldn’t be easier, with drag-n-drop features and a familiar explorer interface. This feature is not offered by any other online storage service with the kind of performance and security that IBackup offers.

Performance difference is very significant in many cases where IBackup’s desktop applications outperform the rest by a factor of at least 30-50%. This could mean significant productivity gain.

The IBackup Online website very easy to navigate and gives thorough and easy to understand explanations of the services offered. They offer packages from 5 to 300 gigs of storage. That would cover the needs of individuals or businesses needing Online Storage. They have plenty of methods to get in touch with support technicians 24/7 (that’s always an important feature of any program for me!).

It looks like a top-notch online backup and storage solution.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Great Kids!

I have the best kids in the world. Within about 30 minutes of getting up this yesterday morning a guy came to the door with a nice vase full of yellow tulips. I love tulips. I knew they weren't from my husband, because I know my husband! Low and behold, they were from my dear Soldier Son and his new bride.

Then about 30 minutes later I got another delivery. This time it was a gorgeous azalea bush! I love azaleas! I have them all over my yard. The azalea was from my sweet darling daughter.

Azalea Tulips

I hardly ever see my kids any more, but they are really the best. I love them dearly and they certainly made my Mother's Day wonderful!

I Love Ceiling Fans

I have Ceiling fans in every room of my house, literally. I even have Outdoor Ceiling Fans. The ceiling fan on our screened in back porch is especially nice. When its hot outside we can turn on that fan and sit on the porch in comfort in spite of the heat. It gives off a nice gentle breeze that makes the porch just perfect.

The people who lived here before us put them all in, but I'm glad they did. I really like them. I can turn off the air conditioner and run the fans and they keep a nice cool breeze going ... as long as its not too hot outside. I especially like sleeping with the ceiling fan running in my bedroom. I don't know why, but its soothing.

A few of the fans need replacing. Actually, they are still working fine, I just want to update them. They've been up forever. I was looking around online and found some great deals. I found a Minka Ceiling Fan for a fantastic price! I have priced them in local stores and the ones at have prices that just 'blow you away'.

Check out their inventory and their prices. I think you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

David Archuleta Dad Kicked off American Idol

David Archuleta

Usually we read about contestants getting kicked off American Idol, but this time its a parent. Jeff Archuleta, the father of David Archuleta, has been denied his backstage pass on American Idol. The reason for him being kicked out of the set is basically that he's a royal pain in the ass.

Predictably, Jeff Archuleta denies he did anything he's rumored to have done.
"I'm definitely involved with my son, and I encourage him, but I think that's a lot different from forcing and threatening and all that stuff. There was absolutely no truth in any of the stories about me yelling at David, making him cry or withholding water from him. That was crazy!" Jeff Archuleta was quoted later, denying his American Idol backstage privileges have been take away. Fox has not commented on the incident yet. Old stories about David Archuleta and his dad have begun popping up, most notably when Jeff Archuleta was called "the monster dad from hell" by Naomi Judd, who was a judge on "Star Search", where the then 12-year-old David took part.

Parents really need to get their own lives so their kids can live their own lives. Its really as simple as that.

David Archuleta - Video

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its Time to Get Personal!

I've gotten to where I don't buy cards for special occasions nearly as much as I used to. For one thing, it takes me forever to pick one out. They never say what I want them to say or the picture doesn't fit the situation. I just never can find the right combination. For another thing, they are expensive. They are also generic out of necessity. I mean, they have to fit a lot of people, right? Then you take the card you have so carefully chosen and whoever gets it skims over it really quickly and tosses it aside. The whole process is much ado about nothing.

Well, its difficult to give a gift without a card so I started making my own. I still do that for very special occasions or people. I have found some very nice cards online. They are the best of everything for me. They are personal without being overly time consuming or expensive. You can buy them in bulk so that you have them ready when you need them. Most cards you buy at your local store are going to cost you about $4. At Card Direct you can get cards for $1.50 and $2. As you can tell from the card pictured in this post, they are very nice looking, good quality cards.

You can get cards made to order at Cards Direct, combining their quality cards and covers with your own photos to create something that's as special as the gift you are giving. How nice to create your own unique birthday cards! Or what about a creative Christmas card? The personal cards I have received mean so much more to me than the generic ho-ho-ho cards I get at Christmas or the birthday cake and candles cards I get on my birthday.

Cards Direct has a large line of cards for just about any occasion you can think of. They also offer the same services for businesses. You can have customized cards printed up to announce new events at your business, or have birthday cards made up for valued customers. As you know, branding your business is important for marketing. With this service you can use your logo and brand on everything you send out.

The services there are quick and easy to use. Its personal and best of all the prices are great and you can do it all from right behind your computer.

Going out to Eat with Beloved Curmudgeon

Adam and EveAs I write this, my Beloved Curmudgeon is watching one of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns. I don't know which one. Does it matter? They all have the same characters, are filmed in the same place and have the same music.

I am often blogging with any one of those movies playing in the background. Our lives are exciting that way.

We had some real excitement today. I'll tell you about it.

My Beloved Curmudgeon asked me on a date. He said, 'I haven't had a good steak in a long time, wanna go get one for lunch?'. My heart fluttered at the romance of it and I said that yes, I would like to do that! This conversation transpired first thing this morning, so I had a while to get my mouth set for a good juicy red steak. By lunch time I was definitely hungry and very much wanting a steak.

We drove past one steak house to go to another on the other side of town. That was okay, I like them both. Unfortunately, when we got to the other steakhouse, it was closed. It's only open for dinner. My Beloved Curmudgeon said we shouldn't drive all the way back across town, why don't we just go to IHOP that is right next door to the closed steak house.

I really wanted a steak, but being a good co-dependent type person I said that would be okay. I said, 'IHOP is okay' in my most pathetic tone that should have told him I really wanted to go get a steak. He didn't read my mind and pulled into the IHOP parking lot. A slight chip started creeping up on my shoulder, but I pushed it back down telling myself that it was silly. We'll go get a steak next time.

Being hungry and having had myself all ready for a steak, nothing looked good on the menu at IHOP. I even commented that they had steaks and eggs, but it just wouldn't be the same at IHOP. He still didn't catch on to my mood. He ordered a large breakfast and I ordered pecan pancakes (my mother will disapprove of that - but I did, okay!). When one is in the midst of unsuccessfully putting a guilt trip on one's spouse (unintentionally, of course) one shouldn't order anything of real substance to eat.

Adam & EveA few minutes later the waitress comes out with a huge steaming plate of eggs, bacon and all the trimmings for my Beloved Curmudgeon and little bitty plate with two half-dollar size plain dry pancakes for me. I really hate sending food back, but I looked at that plate and the bite size pancakes just weren't cutting it. I was so hungry.

I sent the pancakes back asking for the pecan pancakes I had actually ordered. The waitress returned in record time and proudly placed in front of me the very same plate with the very same half-dollar size pancakes on it. But now, they had a scattering of pecan pieces tossed on top of them. She didn't hang around long enough for me to send them back this time.

I was dumbfounded and looked at the dry, bite-size pancakes with pecan chips thrown on top and the chip I had been forcing down from my shoulder snuck right back up on it again. I got a little butter packet and made a half-hearted attempt to spread some butter on the now cold little bitty pancakes. The butter just rolled the few pecan chips around on the pancakes. They were getting less appetizing by the second.

My Beloved Curmudgeon noticed I was not a happy camper and asked if I wanted him to handle this. I demurred and he told me to quit being a victim, that he'd take care of it for me if I didn't want to. I demurred again, but was glad to let him be the bad guy this time.

He got the waitress over and asked her about the pancakes. 'We are out of pancake batter,' she explained. She went further and said the cooks should have told her. It wasn't her fault, she said - weakly. My Beloved Curmudgeon said, 'This is the International House of PANCAKES, right? And you don't have PANCAKE batter?'. She said they had pancake batter for anything BUT pecan pancakes.

I asked her for a menu again and I'd just order something else. By this time my Beloved Curmudgeon was finishing his meal and that chip was virtually dancing around on my shoulder as I flipped the pages of the menu without really reading it.

I tossed the menu in the middle of the table and said I'd fix something when we got home. He suggested we stop at a deli we like on the way home. I liked that idea and said we'd do that. We left IHOP and headed to the deli.

I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with walnuts and he decided to get an egg salad sandwich. I know, I know, he'd already eaten. We ran into friends and talked. All of this took a while. We finally got home and I sat the sandwiches down in the kitchen and went to change clothes and wash my hands.

I was REALLY REALLY hungry by the time I came back into the family room with my sandwich box in hand. My Beloved Curmudgeon was eating his sandwich and making a face. I asked him if he didn't like his sandwich.

'It's got nuts in it', he said with a disgusted look on his face. He then went on to complain about che-che delis putting all the extra stuff on when all you want is a plain egg salad sandwich on white bread. I was sympathetic and told him I was sorry he didn't like his sandwich. We actually discussed this for a few minutes with me sitting and holding my little sandwich box still unopened.

I opened my sandwich box looking forward to my chicken salad with walnuts, lettuce and tomato on wheat bread. As soon as I opened the box I realized I had a plain egg salad on white bread.

'Stop!! You're eating my sandwich!!!', I exclaimed.

He stopped in mid-chew and mid-puzzlement over the odd taste of his egg salad and held out the mostly eaten remains of MY chicken salad sandwich. 'Here.' He held it out to me in such a pitiful manner I burst out laughing.

'No wonder it tasted so strange', he said.

I flipped the chip off my shoulder and gladly ate the last few bites of my sandwich while he ate his egg salad sandwich. It hit the spot.

For the rest of the day he mentioned how full he was and I'm still hungry.

Beautiful Grandfather Clocks

grandfather clockI had no idea that there are so many types and styles of grandfather clocks. I was reading about the huge selection of clocks you can find online. Its great that we can do so much of our shopping online, even for items as specialized as a grandfather clock.

Reading about that inspired me to go and look at 1-800-4Clocks and check out their Grandfather Clocks. Home decor is part of your personal fashion. I usually lean towards more contemporary or deco designs so I didn't expect to find much I'd like. I had a certain image in my mind of what a grandfather clock looks like. You know, the ones we've seen in everybody's house since we were kids. Interestingly, they aren't all like that. In fact, there are tons of designs that would fit anyone's personal style and preference!

I like the Kieninger Edwards Grandfather Clock pictured here. It is part of their Kieninger collection. Its sleek, modern, versatile in style and just fabulous! I can picture it in my living room as a focal point when someone walks into the room.

That's just one of many beautiful grandfather clocks you can view at 1-800-4Clocks.

This is just one grandfather clock in a huge selection of beautiful clocks of all kinds. You can shop by brand or type of clock. Their inventory includes wall clocks, mantle clocks. It also includes Howard Miller clocks, Bulova Clocks, Ridgeway Clocks, Kieninger Clocks, Seth Thomas Clocks.

There is something for everyone.

Hancock Movie Trailer (video)

The new Hancock movie trailer premiered exclusively on American Idol on Wednesday night. See it below.

Hancock Movie Trailer (Video)

Columbia Pictures premiered an exclusive new Hancock movie trailer on last week's American Idol. Hancock is obviously not your ordinary superhero. He's fallen on hard times and the public isn't that fond of him anymore. Let's just say, Hancock is not your ordinary superhero!

The Peter Berg film stars Will Smith as the superhero. He has a public relations person (Jason Bateman) helping him repair his image. Hancock's PR person's wife (Charlize Theron) complicates things for Hancock and his image repair.

Well, just watch the trailer, then go see the movie and let me know what you think.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Outsource your Answering Service

Right now you can get a free 7-day trial to see if an online Answering Service is right for you or your business. Map Communications has been an industry leader in providing quality professional Answering Services since 1991. Their specialty is being able to adjust their services to a broad range of industry needs. In other words, whether you are a small business, professional group, government offices or many other types of businesses, Map Communications can handle your specific needs. They customize their dynamic and proprietary answering services to meet a variety of different business needs. You can get basic answering service to a complex call center. It just depends on what your needs are. Some of the custom features offered include:
  • Fastest Pick-Up Times in the Industry
  • Professional & Courteous Receptionists
  • Specialized Call Screening
  • Emergency Response Specialists
  • Your Own Nationwide 800 number
  • Voicemail Services
  • Proprietary Software & In-house IT Dept
  • Custom Account & Software Design
  • Dynamic Online Account Access
  • Interface with your Company Website
  • Advanced On-Call Roster Services
  • Online Messaging via the Web or Email
That’s just a few of their services. It is often beneficial to out-source this type of service as opposed to having to take on the responsibility of additional employees and all of the expenses that come with that. While Map Communication is offering a free trial period, it seems like a good time to try it out and see if it works for you.

Battle At Kruger

The Battle At Kruger is an internet sensation. See the video below.

Battle At Kruger

If you aren't one of the 30 million people who have viewed the Battle At Kruger video on YouTube then you can see it here. Its been on YouTube for over a year and now the two men who filmed the battle are the subject of a new documentary that will be premiering Sunday, May 11th on the National Geographic Channel.

The video was shot at Transport Dam in South Africa's Kruger National Park. It was filmed in 2004 by videographer David "Buzz" Budzinski and photographer Jason Schlosberg who watched as a pack of lions gathered on one side of the watering hole and a herd of buffalo were grazing on the other side. The video shows the outcome of the battle over a baby buffalo is captured and fought over by lions and crocodiles. The buffalo eventually fight off the predators and rescue the baby buffalo.

Its a rare opportunity for us to experience nature vicariously through the lens of YouTube!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Help Fight Lupus

Lupus is one of those illnesses that not too many people know much about. I have a cousin who has Lupus and because of that I learned something about the disease.

May is Lupus awareness month, so I thought I'd read a little about what is going on as far as Lupus research, etc. I found that there is an online community that is working to raise money online for lupus research and lupus patients.

The primary website is Firstgiving. The Firstgiving organization is a for-profit company that helps people set up websites to raise money for any United States registered nonprofit organization. All you have to do is sign up through the Firstgiving website and you are good to go. Registration is quick and easy to do.

I looked through some of the sites that have been set up through Firstgiving for Lupus awareness. I was very impressed with how well so many of them are doing! Take a look at, for instance. She is just a couple of hundred dollars from her goal. She's raised an impressive amount of money. On her website she describes what she is trying to do and what the money she is raising will be used for. The people who donate can leave a message that appears on her site. Its very tastefully and well done.

The Brunette Awareness Test

Bouncy Blonde - Watch more free videos
Brunette Awareness Test (Video)

This is the Brunette Awareness Test. How many girls are in this video? If you are Brunette Aware you will be able to give the right answer.

Enjoy .....

Go Ahead - Judge a Podcast by its Cover

Yodio is a great new online service that I think you are going to love. Its a site that makes it possible for you to create cover art to your podcasts. If you are a podcaster or want to be a podcaster, you really need to check out this new service to spice up your podcasts.

You can upload the MP3 file from, add the cover photo and post the embedded player to your blog or website. You can use digital photos to add a personal touch to your podcast. They also have a YouTube type player that your can use to display the art you are using for your podcast.

I'm fixin' to make a podcast using their program.Check it out at

Press Release:


Contact: Clay Loges 206/423-6553 or Kimberly Hankins

Go Ahead - Judge a Podcast by its Cover Yodio Gives Online Users the Ability to Visually Personalize Podcasts

SEATTLE, May 5, 2008 – Yodio introduces podcasters the unique ability to visually wrap podcasts. Much like an album cover, users can create cover photos, producing a complete and total podcasting experience, resulting in podcasts with the ultimate finishing touch. Using any image, photo or piece of art, users can upload an MP3 recording and attach a full size (up to a 10 MB) digital photo.

A survey by Storm/Universal McCann reports that 32 percent of respondents increased their podcast use in the past six months.” Invisible podcasts are ignored podcasts. Yodio allows online users to elevate podcasts to a visually rich, personalized online medium. This new visual element heightens the purpose of any blog or online community-to clearly convey information to fellow online users.

This free service exclusively from Yodio allows users to embed a Yodio player into any blog – but unlike other current methods, Yodio offers a complete and visual package to fully encase the audio podcast. For podcasters who want to go beyond the cover photo, Yodio can be used to create illustrated podcasts using multiple JPEG photos or graphics to attach a graphic to individual audio sections.

“Every picture needs a story; a photo plus audio creates a compelling story,” comments former Corbis CEO and current ZoomAlbum CEO Doug Rowan. “Photographs by themselves don’t really tell the stories. You need people to tell the stories. Yodio is delivering on this need.”

To embed a Yodio player or learn more about Yodio, visit ###

Yodio is a broadcast network where consumers and businesses can power their high-impact messaging to targeted audiences. The foundation of Yodio is an online service for recording, producing, and sharing synchronized audio/p

Yunjin Kim on Craig Ferguson (Video)

Yunjin Kim (Video)

I'm a Lost addict or whatever they are called. Its the Lost version of Trekkies - is there a Trekkie kind of name for Lost people?

In honor of finally getting a new episode of Lost last week, here is a video of Yunjin Kim who plays Sun-Hwa Kwon on the show. She's one of my favorite characters. Her character is so complicated, but then they all are on that show. She's being interviewed on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Its a fun interview and I thought you might enjoy it.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Shop Till You Drop Online

I love shopping online. I especially love online shopping promotions and discount promo code bargains! Best Online Coupons has all that and more! They have really done their homework and set up a website that offers great discounts and coupons with some well known and reputable merchants.

They have discount coupons for merchants like, Old Navy, Apple iTunes, just to name a few. When you go to the website you will find there are plenty more to browse though. also offers smart bargains coupons that make the deals you find there even better! does the shopping leg work for you. They work at keeping the best coupons for quality products up to date so you can find them all in one place. All you have to do is click through to her website to find great online coupon shopping deals. They have them there waiting for you!

Martin Strel Swims the Amazon River

Martin Strel is an experienced expedition swimmer who made history swimming the Amazon River. He was released from the hospital today following complications from health problems brought on by his swim. Read more about him and see a video and photo below.

Martin Strel

Martin Strel, the 52-year-old Slovenian man who swam the 3,274-mile length of the Amazon River, is released from the hospital Monday and recovering from health problems brought on by the 66-day swim. Martin Strel is hospitalized with high blood pressure and dizziness on Sunday immediately after completing the swim.

On April 7, 2007 marathon swimmer Martin Strel made a history with setting a world record by swimming 5268 Kms (3274 Miles) down the Amazon river. Book and Film are going to be produced.

Before leaving for the United States, Martin Strel told a press conference that he was feeling well and was ready to swim the length of the Mississippi river. As he remained confident, Strel also said that he believes that nature is on his side.

Amazon swimmer Martin Strel was mistakenly reported below as saying that he was swimming the length of the Amazon river from Peru’s Atlantic coast. Peru has no Atlantic coast but the river empties into the Atlantic after flowing through Brazil.

On Sunday, April 8, 2007, a 52-year-old self-described fat man in a Speedo by the name of Martin Strel swam 3,274 miles of the Amazon River. The Fish Man, as he was called by locals, almost died in the process several times.

After 3,272 miles (5268 km) and 66 days of exhaustion, sunburn, delirium and piranhas, Martin Strel successfully completed a swim down the Amazon River. Strel?s Amazon swim will be the fourth time Strel has broken the Guinness record.

Martin Strel - Video

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Costumes are Fun

My kids used to love Halloween. I suspect they still do! Picking out a Halloween Costume was always a big deal and they always had very definite ideas of what they wanted to wear on any given year. My daughter was a witch so many times that I lost track!

I know its not Halloween, but there's nothing wrong with playing dress up year round. It can be a ton of fun. There's a great costume website where you can find costumes for any occassion. Whether you are looking for something for the kids so they can play dress-up or something for yourself to play dress up or go to a costume party, they pretty much have it all.

Check out their 4th of July costumes! You could have a blast at your 4th of July party dressed in any of those. And, of course, there's alway adult Halloween costumes. Like I said, there's something for every occasion. Check it out. It'll be fun!

Darvaz Uzbekistan is the Door to Hell

The Door to Hell is in Darvaz, Uzbekistan. Learn more about it and see photos and a video of it below.

The Door to Hell
The Door to Hell

Actually, I did a google map search the only Darvaz I see is in Tajikistan. Still, its close by, more or less, to Uzbekistan. I happened on a Russia-English website full of photos and the story of The Door to Hell. Who would've thought it existed? But it does. The locals named it that and when you see the photos you will understand why.

The story of this particularly odd phenomenon in either Tajikistan or Uzbekistan is that this huge burning crater opened up and has been burning for 35 years. Its just outside of the small town of Darvaz. Thirty-five years ago, geologists were drilling there for gas ... and apparently they found it. The drilling opened up an enormous underground cavern. It was so big that the entire drilling site and all of the equipment they were using could fit down into the cavern.

The problem was that the cavern was filled with gas so the geologists didn't dare go down into it. Instead, one or more of them had the brilliant idea to ignite the gas to burn it off so they could continue their project. They didn't want the gas escaping the big hole, which makes sense. And so they ignited it and its still burning thirty-five years later.

There's no way of knowing how much gas has been burnt in all these years. There's also no way of knowing how much gas is still down there because no one can figure out how to put out the fire. Apparently, it will just burn indefinitely.

I wouldn't want that gas bill. Can you just imagine the carbon footprint THAT is creating!!!

The Door to Hell The Door to Hell The Door to Hell The Door to Hell
The Door to Hell - Photos

The Door to Hell - Video

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Private Number Plates

You can get your own Private Number Plates for your vehicle. That is so cool! Its very simple to look them up online by going to the website linked above and do a search for whatever variety and/or combination of letters and numbers you want. There is a huge section of personalized number plates to choose from.

Once you make your selection, you really don't have to worry about a thing. They do all the transfer work for you.

In addition to all of that, they will buy quality private number plates so if you have a number to sell you can do that there as well. Just visit the website and click on the 'selling a number' link on the side bar and it will walk you through the process from there.

So what are you waiting for? Go on over and check it out.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brussels Tells Scotland to Pipe Down!

Bagpipes are a sound that many of us associate with our ancestry. Its part of the Scottish heritage, but Brussels is telling Scotland to quieten down the pipes!

Bagpipes: Scotland the Brave (Video)

Oh, for the love of Socialism!!!! The European Union has decided to put a ban on noise. As with most Socialist organizations, they know what's best for everybody and make it their business to dictate behavior and common sense. I think they'd control people's thoughts if they could.

I read at Boston Maggie they have put a ban on noise and have sent word that the bagpipes of Scotland are going to have to tone it down.

THEIR high-pitched skirl has put fear into the hearts of Scotland’s enemies and sent sensitive tourists reaching for the cotton wool.

Now, however, the bagpipes are to be quietened by an edict from Brussels.

From this month, pipers must adhere to strict volume limits or risk breaking European Union health and safety laws. Bands have been ordered to tone down or wear earplugs to limit noise exposure to 85 decibels.

Typically, a pipe band played at full volume peaks at 122 decibels outdoors, noisier than the sound of either a nightclub or a chainsaw, which rises to 116 decibels. [source]

When the English conquered Scotland they tried to eradicate any elements of Scottish culture. They outlawed kilts, bagpipes and Gaelic. The English hunted the Scots down throughout the highlands to enforce the laws in a real effort to completely wipe out their national identity so they'd quit giving the English so many dadgume problems!

The Scots managed to hang onto they're culture even under those dire circumstances. They even overcame the discrimination to the point that they became the most elite military force for England .... wearing kilts!

As the bagpipe players say, you can't play bagpipes quietly. I hope they win their argument and keep the bagpipes playing. Do we really want to live in such a vanilla world that we can't tolerate the loudness of color, sound and culture? I don't.

Play on .....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Epionce Skin Care

I love skin care products. I've been addicted to them since I was a child. I learned early that good quality products make all the difference. You can buy the cheap stuff and end up spending twice as much because it doesn't last as long or you have to buy more products to do the same thing. In other words, you usually get what you pay for. I have been looking at Epionce for that reason. Epionce is a skin care product introduced by Dr. Diane McConnehey.

I found the product through FocusOnSkinCare [Dot] Com and learned that Dr. McConnehey started practicing dermaesthetic in 1998. She is board certified in family practice. Her initial interest in treatment of skin disorders gradually turned into an interest in cosmetics and treatment of the health and appearance of the skin. She realized that many (not all) skin disorders could be avoided by taking care of the skin before the disorder developed. She believes that using good quality and appropriate skin care products can help us maintain a youthful appearance as well as repair damage done. Its never too late to take care of your skin!

Epionce offers all the products you need for complete skin care including cleansing, moisturizing, age-defying (even for the eyelashes!) and protection from the sun among others. The products are created so that there are variations suitable for normal, dry and oily skin types. There are treatments for skin problems such as rough skin textures, clearing up clogged pores, reducing redness and scaly skin.

The products look great and the website provides a lot of information on all the products as well as on skin care in general. Check it out and see if its right for you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leonids Meteor Shower

Leonids Meteor Shower (Photo)

There's supposed to be a Leonids Meteor Shower tonight that should be visible to our side of the earth. Some reports call them Leonids and others call them Lyrids. I don't know which are supposed to be seen tonight or if they are the same things and someone just doesn't know how to spell it.

Leonids Meteor Shower comes around once a year. They should be visible in the early morning dark hours if the a full moon doesn't wash out the view. The meteor is the remnants of an ancient comet that is visible as the earth flies through its debris.

Below is a video of a previous Leonid meteor shower.

Leonids Meteor Shower (Video)

Nicholas White Trapped in an Elevator

Nicholas White Trapped in an Elevator (Video)

This video has been viewed something like 300,000 times since it was uploaded a few days ago. It seems that Nicholas White was working late one Friday night. About 11 p.m. that night he went out for some cigarettes and got trapped in the elevator on his way back to his office. He says that once he realized he was stuck, he knew he was in for a long wait since it was the weekend.

This all happened in 1999 and I guess Mr. White didn't have a cell phone with him.

The The video was uploaded as an accompaniment to is a piece by Nick Pumgarten, Up and then Down in the April 21st issue of The New Yorker.

Nicholas White is pretty good humored about the popularity of the video. I don't know why he wouldn't be. He won his lawsuit against the McGraw-Hill Building and the elevator company.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prince William Mucks Around With Military Aircraft

Prince William, second in line for the British throne, seems to think what belongs to Britain belongs to him and apparently doesn't understand the meaning of military discipline.

Prince Charles and Prince William
Prince Charles and Prince William

I'm not a critic of the British royal family. In fact, I think they are kind of interesting. Its cool that there is still a European royal family that at least pretend to be enthroned. Its a throw-back to days long gone and all that. Still, sometimes their complete lack of having any limits in their lives is pretty astounding.

As I understand it, since Prince William will undoubtedly be King one day, he is supposed to get training in every branch of the military service. His most recent training has been with the Air Force. He's been learning to fly planes and helicopters and the like. He was awarded his wings recently.

In the past month there have been two incidents (that people know about) of Prince William using Chinook helicopters for his own pleasure. Prince William flew a Chinook to London to pick up his brother, Prince Harry. Then he flew the two of them to the Isle of Wight for a weekend of partying with their cousin, Peter Phillips who is Princess Anne's son. Another time he took a Chinook he was training in to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton's house. He practiced landing and taking off from a field behind her house.

The problem is that he seems to think that the military vehicles that are acquired at the expense of the tax paying citizens of the United Kingdom are his very own personal play things. Or perhaps its that his superior officers are either afraid to tell the future King that he can't do these things or are so enamored with his royalty that they approve such misuse of military vehicles. Either way, there's something terribly wrong when Prince William is allowed to use helicopters and airplanes for his personal use.

Meanwhile, British troops in Afghanistan are dealing with a shortage of Chinooks and other equipment. But why should a little thing like that bother a future King. He'll never have to deal with shortages when he's deployed. Oh wait. He won't be deployed so there really isn't a need to worry about it at all!!!!

I do think it would do him a world of good to have to actually do something with all the training he is getting. He should have to be deployed. It would help him grow up and certainly would help him get a better understanding of what the troops, who will one day be under his command, have to deal with. A callus or two on those perfectly manicured hands would make him feel better about himself as a man.

After all, that's how his ancestors became Kings in the first place.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mereana Mordengard Glasgow

Mereana Mordengard GlasgowMereana Mordengard Glasgow (also known as Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv) is a pretty creepy internet legend. Its also hard to find any information on it. So, for your weekend reading pleasure, I present the creepy story (probably urban legend) of Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. [pretend you are hearing Dark Shadows theme song here].

Apparently, at some point in time someone uploaded a video onto YouTube that was/is bewitched. The video shows a man's face through a red filter for two full minutes. In the last seconds of the video there is a close-up of the face and the man is smiling. The video was titled, Mereana Mordengard Glasgow and is also called Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv.

YouTube removed the video from the internet after 153 people who had viewed the video gouged their eyes out and mailed into the YouTube offices in San Bruno. These people were said to have committed suicide in various ways. Its not known if they mailed their eyeballs into YouTube before or after they committed suicide (just kidding). Its also reported that they had carved a cryptic inscription into their forearms that no one has been able to decipher. [insert Dark Shadows music here]

Periodically, YouTube puts the first 20 seconds of the video online in order to stop people from looking for the real video and uploading it. Only one YouTube staff member watched the video itself and that staff member screamed hysterically after watching the video for only 45 seconds. He has not been able to recall what he saw and has required medication since. The other YouTube staff who were in the roo at the time turned the video off when he started screaming and were too frightened to look at the screen themselves.

No one has ever been able to identify the man in the video and the IP that uploaded the video doesn't exist.

That is the legend of Mereana Mordengard Glasgow.

Sweet dreams ......

Friday, April 18, 2008

Midwest Earthquate

Illinois EarthquakeThere was an earthquake in Illinois this morning! About 5:30 a.m. this morning people in Illinois and throughout the Midwest were awakened by a 5.2 earthquake, the largest ever for that area.

The earthquake was in Southeastern Illinois but rattled skyscrapers in Chicago, was felt in Michigan, Ontario, Indiana as well as other areas in the Midwest. People were shaken out of bed and had the reactions you could expect for people living in an area not used to earthquakes.

I can only imagine how that would be. That's a decent size earthquake, especially for that area. I suppose people in California wouldn't be impressed, but I am.

The Midwest earthquake happened on the Wabash fault. That's a northern extension of the New Madrid fault. It happened about six miles outside of Mt. Carmel, Illinois.

People in the area are still experiencing aftershocks from the Midwest earthquake.

Find out about the New Madrid Fault.

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!

How do we sure we were able to purchase the best price and quality of diamond? Its not easy for those of us who don't know that much about diamonds! I learned a lot about it when my husband bought the diamond I am wearing now.

What my Beloved Curmudgeon did was go to the jeweler and look for a diamond, not a diamond ring. I guess I'm just not elite enough to have known to do that, but he did. He wanted a perfect diamond. I ended up with a near-flawless diamond. Its not as large and showy as some might be, but I know that the diamond that he choose is absolutely gorgeous. It is clear and bright. I can see all sorts of colors reflected in the prisms that were created when the jeweler shaped it. And I know it only has one little itsy bitsy flaw. The jeweler told us it would be very difficult and extremely expensive to find a more perfect diamond. I like that. Whenever I see someone flashing around a huge diamond I know that it might be bigger than mine, but its not as flawless as mine. Heh!

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a diamond. Yes, I said a diamond, not a diamond ring. You are much better off picking out the diamond and having it set into a ring setting than buying one already cut and set. When you are looking at a loose diamond you can see more clearly what you need to see in order to determine its value. You can actually save thousands of dollars and end up with a much more valuable ring by buying the diamond separately. Diamond prices are determined by the 4Cs. That is carat weight (how big it is), cut, color and clarity. Thinking of it that way makes it so much easier to remember for me!

Does the idea of walking into a jeweler and trying to determine the value of a loose diamond scare you to death? It does me too. What do we know? That's why we need to depend on people who DO know and who are experts in the field. You can work with people from Diamond Price Guru, for instance. They are experts and will walk you through the process of choosing the diamond that is right for you. Size isn't everything in this instance. You need to find a diamond in your price range that is the best quality you can afford. They will help you do that.

Diamond Price Guru uses prices from eleven reputable stores to help you compare prices and quality of over 400,000 diamonds! Their website is full of useful information, including some really great proposal stories! They also have articles with tons of information on how to shop for a diamond. The website is very user friendly and will walk you through the process. You can use their expertise and end up with a true family heirloom that you will treasure for the rest of your life. I hope you'll check it out. Just click on the link above to go there and start learning about diamonds!

Spanish Women Stuck With Unsold Nude Calendars

What on earth is the world coming to when Spanish women can't sell nude calendars! Not only can't they sale them, but they are stuck with 5,000 unsold calendars and have ended up in debt for their efforts.

Seven middle-aged Spanish mothers who posed for a tongue-in-cheek nude calendar - a fundraiser for their children's tiny, rural school - are now saddled with debt and 5,000 unwanted copies.

One of the photos shows the mothers with Christmas tinsel as their only garb - no private parts on view. Other goofy poses include a shotgun-toting mother wearing only a fox pelt and kneeling on a table, and another shows a woman covering her body with a red umbrella on a picnic table.

They got the idea to raise funds by posing nude from some British counterparts who started the nude calendar posing trends. The British women raised over a million pounds for their charity and have a hit movie about them, Calendar Girls.

This HAS to be humiliating for the Spanish ladies!
The women acknowledge being rank amateurs in publishing and advertising, and because of a miscue with a distributor they missed out on the Christmas shopping rush. Now, sales of the $8 calendar have dried up and they owe a printer nearly $16,000.

"The sad part for us is figuring out what to do with them because it is not something you can recycle," said Rosa Garin, 36, one of the models in Serradilla del Arroyo, a village of 400 people in northern Salamanca province.

The hamlet is a snapshot of rural Spain: quaint but graying, with retirees accounting for 75 per cent of the population. The arrival of a new family with small children is greeted like manna from heaven. Funding for services is scant.

How to Make the Most of your Rose Arrangements

The video below is provided by Proflowers and is a great video if you are interested in flowers, flower arranging and how to get the most out of your flower arrangements. This video has to do with roses. I found it very helpful in that it provided very simple and easy to follow tips on how to prepare the roses so that they will last longer and bloom more beautifully.

You can watch the video below or click on the link to watch it at YouTube.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Cat Got Left Out on the Porch

My poor fat cat got closed out on the screened in porch last night. I didn't realize it till I went out there to vacuum a couple of hours ago.

She. Was. Not. Happy!!!! At. All.

She gave me a VERY dirty look when I opened the door and sashayed by me with a accusatory meow.

After she got over her initial snit, she came up to me and pretty much demanded I pick her up and pet her for a few minutes. She's a little scaredy cat and while she likes to stay on that porch a lot of the time, I'm sure being out there alone all night was no fun at all for her. So I petted her a few minutes and then she got down and disappeared to where ever it is she goes when she wants to be alone and sulk.

I feel bad :(

BTW, I've had her on a diet and put her food downstairs so that she has to walk up and down the stairs to eat. But she still looks like this. We are trying .....

fat cat

Fashionable and Affordable Baby Slings

Slinglings has the cutest fashionable and affordable baby slings!! Slinglings is a Seattle home-based business that specializes in baby slings and carriers.

They offer a large variety of fabrics so you can pick something that is right for you. Aside from the stylish fabrics, these designer baby slings are padded for comfort and are easy to slip on and off. You don't have to worry about Velcro, ties or buckles. You can even get a matching one for dolls. If you have a little one, he or she can carry her doll around while mommy carries the baby.

I really wish they had these when my babies were little!

Press Release:

Who: Sara Gower
Contact: 1-800-887-1461

The rest of the nation is finally catching on: babywearing is one of the most natural and intuitive ways to care for babies.

And Seattle's, a home-based three-year-old company run by Sara and Stephen Gower, is one of the most innovative baby sling businesses out there. The company has more than 10,000 pouches in stock and ready to ship.

“I started by making a few slings to carry my son around the city. People were so interested in the pouches that I started making more to sell locally,” said Sara. “The reception was so phenomenal that my husband and I started our Slinglings website and from there, the business just took off.”

All of Slinglings' pouches are sewn by Seattle-based seamstresses and can be ordered in more than 80 fabrics, some of which were designed by Stephen himself. A line of 12 designer prints, 5 of which are exclusive Slinglings’ designs, was just added to their collection.

Another feature that sets Slinglings apart is its interactive sizing tool. By entering height, weight, bra size, measurements, or any combination of these numbers, Slinglings' advanced sizing calculator recommends a sling size based on the feedback of more than 15,000 previous customers.

“From the beginning, we've collected sizing statistics. We're always adding to our database and it's resulted in an incredibly accurate sizing tool,” said Sara. “It takes the guesswork out of ordering pouches.”

Babywearing, an art practiced for centuries, allows parents to resume their usual activities like walking, socializing, cleaning, and cooking while their babies get the incomparable benefit of close contact with their caregivers.

“Wearing my children has been one of the best parenting choices I've made,” said Sara. “I'm so fortunate to be able to bring that same experience to others.”

Slinglings offers competitive pricing—prices start at $36.95-- and welcomes all wholesale inquiries.

--Megan McKee

Sunday, April 13, 2008

John Kanzius Invents Cancer Cure Machine

John Kanzius is from Erie, Pennsylvania. He owned Jet Broadcasting until he retired about a year ago. He also is an inventor. He believed that he could use radio frequency to cure cancer without the horrible side effects associated with other cancer treatments. His cancer fighting machine is called Kanzius RF therapy and was featured on 60 Minutes.

Six years ago Kanzius was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. He has been subjected with 36 rounds of chemotherapy in the years since his diagnosis. He is very humble about his invention. He emphasizes that he doesn't want to give people false hope and that he's not a 'cancer expert'. Even so, his invention is being recognized by the most respected experts in the field of cancer research as the 'most exciting cancer therapy' to have come on the scene in over twenty years.

When Kanzius first started working on his machine his wife thought he had lost his mind. She reminded him that doctors haven't found a cure for cancer so it was unlikely he could. He has said that sometimes it takes someone on the outside with a different perspective to see something those on the inside aren't seeing. He said it wasn't his own cancer that motivated him, but the eyes of the children on the cancer wards he saw when he went to get his own treatment.

In spite of all the odds, it seems that his machine is working, at least with some forms of cancer. Trials of the RF treatment have shown that the machine kills 100 percent of malignant cells in humans and animals without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

This week, Kanzius was awarded the 2008 Louis J. Tullio Community Service Award by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership. He accepted the award via a pre-recorded video (video below) from his home in Florida. Kanzius has formed a company, Therm Med LLC, to promote the commercial development of his cancer-killing machine.

John Kanzius Speech (Video)