Monday, April 14, 2008

My Cat Got Left Out on the Porch

My poor fat cat got closed out on the screened in porch last night. I didn't realize it till I went out there to vacuum a couple of hours ago.

She. Was. Not. Happy!!!! At. All.

She gave me a VERY dirty look when I opened the door and sashayed by me with a accusatory meow.

After she got over her initial snit, she came up to me and pretty much demanded I pick her up and pet her for a few minutes. She's a little scaredy cat and while she likes to stay on that porch a lot of the time, I'm sure being out there alone all night was no fun at all for her. So I petted her a few minutes and then she got down and disappeared to where ever it is she goes when she wants to be alone and sulk.

I feel bad :(

BTW, I've had her on a diet and put her food downstairs so that she has to walk up and down the stairs to eat. But she still looks like this. We are trying .....

fat cat