Sunday, April 13, 2008

John Kanzius Invents Cancer Cure Machine

John Kanzius is from Erie, Pennsylvania. He owned Jet Broadcasting until he retired about a year ago. He also is an inventor. He believed that he could use radio frequency to cure cancer without the horrible side effects associated with other cancer treatments. His cancer fighting machine is called Kanzius RF therapy and was featured on 60 Minutes.

Six years ago Kanzius was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. He has been subjected with 36 rounds of chemotherapy in the years since his diagnosis. He is very humble about his invention. He emphasizes that he doesn't want to give people false hope and that he's not a 'cancer expert'. Even so, his invention is being recognized by the most respected experts in the field of cancer research as the 'most exciting cancer therapy' to have come on the scene in over twenty years.

When Kanzius first started working on his machine his wife thought he had lost his mind. She reminded him that doctors haven't found a cure for cancer so it was unlikely he could. He has said that sometimes it takes someone on the outside with a different perspective to see something those on the inside aren't seeing. He said it wasn't his own cancer that motivated him, but the eyes of the children on the cancer wards he saw when he went to get his own treatment.

In spite of all the odds, it seems that his machine is working, at least with some forms of cancer. Trials of the RF treatment have shown that the machine kills 100 percent of malignant cells in humans and animals without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

This week, Kanzius was awarded the 2008 Louis J. Tullio Community Service Award by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership. He accepted the award via a pre-recorded video (video below) from his home in Florida. Kanzius has formed a company, Therm Med LLC, to promote the commercial development of his cancer-killing machine.

John Kanzius Speech (Video)