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Thursday, February 02, 2006

There's a Storm Coming

I saw on the news this evening a leader in the Muslim community of Denmark being interviewed about the conflict between the Muslim world and Denmark. As everyone knows by now, the Muslim community is a tad upset that a Danish newspaper has published cartoons that Muslims found offensive. In the interview this representative said the Muslim community is demanding the Danes change their society to accommodate Muslim beliefs and values. DEMANDING. He said, 'We demand this country change their values.' That's actually what he said, with a straight face and as though that were a perfectly reasonable thing to say. This conflict has been going since September 2005 because of some cartoons published in Jyllands-Posten, a Danish newspaper. When the Muslim community demanded the paper not publish the cartoons, the paper stood for freedom of speech and instead of apologizing for printing the cartoons, they printed a series of the cartoon. The cartoonist has been threatened, beaten as have journalists and editors of the newspaper. They have maintained they have the right to print the cartoons. In the beginning, the newspaper was under some pressure from the EU, UN and former President Bill Clinton who made statements that the newspaper was being insensitive to Islam and feared a new holocaust that would victimize Muslims. Meanwhile, the Muslim outrage has spread. They are demanding sanctions against Denmark. They are demanding a boycott of all Danish goods. They are demanding.... They are demanding.... They are burning and stomping on Danish flags ..... They are making bomb threats .... They are beating the employees of the newspaper ..... They have given Denmark 48 hours to apologize or else ..... They are rioting in the streets .... They are swearing vengeance and murderous riots ..... They are threatening to mobilize millions of Muslims worldwide .... Some other European papers have printed the cartoons on their front pages in support of Denmark and freedom of speech and a refusal to be dictated to by Islamic dogma. Only the French retracted their support under pressure from the Muslims. We wouldn't expect more from the French. It was extraordinary for them to make the protest to begin with. The fact they caved less than 24 hours later might be a record even for them. I guess they are still remembering their inability to control the riots in France a few months ago and the fact 20% of their population is Muslim. Now that some of the other European countries are lining up in support, it will be interesting to see if the European Union, the United Nations and Bill Clinton continue to pressure Denmark to appease. Or will they also decide that freedom of speech should be supported. None of them seemed to have a problem with depicting Jesus in a sculpture of cow dung. That was a work of art and anyone who was put off by it was declared to be a religious fanatic. No one burned the museum; no one beat up or threatened to kill the 'artist'. It was just disgusting, but the guy had the right to be disgusting and people had the right to not go see his exhibit. A young Muslim in Brussels has published a poster depicting the Virgin Mary with her breasts exposed. While some Catholics have protested his work, his life has not been threatened. In fact, he's receiving government subsidies for his work. Apparently, the Muslim community does not feel the same way about freedom of speech or tolerance as Western cultures. There's a storm coming.

More in-depth information this can be found at the The Brussels Journal Updates in the Brussels Journal are here. News has a series of articles on this. Check out The Face of Muhammed: The Moment of Truth


Banned Cartoons and “Feelings” Excerpt: I have not posted about the banned Editorial Cartoons. But, they are all over the News and the “Net”. There are people much more qulified than I and are much more eloquent in passing the word.Let me just say that when there was an uproar... Weblog: Echo9er Tracked: 02.03.06 - 9:13 am

A Cacophony of Cartoons, Crazies and Crises Excerpt: If the Muslims did not use their religion as an excuse to kill, terrorize, burn, and destroy, there would be no material for such cartoons . . . From all I see, read or hear, Islam is, in reality, a religion of fear, hatred, violence and injustice. Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 02.03.06 - 7:31 pm

Sing it, Sting! Excerpt: In Europe and America, there's a growing feeling of hysteria. Conditioned to respond to every threat, In the terrorist speeches on the internet. Zarqawi says "We will behead you." I don't subscribe to this point of view. It would be... Weblog: Classical Values Tracked: 02.04.06 - 5:20 am

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Cartoon of the Day

Credits Cox and Forkum From the International Herald Tribune

Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil says there will be 6 more weeks of a mild winter. I'm sure there's a hilarious post in my head somewhere about Punxsutawney Phil, Pam Anderson and PETA, but I have to go to work. So - it'll have to wait. ciao

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What Kind of Mind Would Even Come Up With This

I saw this on You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom's blog and since have seen it on TV. I don't even want to put the 'cartoon' on this site. I hope you go over and read what Proud Army Mom has to say and follow her link to the Hall of Heros. I showed the 'cartoon' to my Beloved Curmudgeon, who is a Vietnam Veteran. You know what cartoon I'm talking about. He suggested you go to the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. Spend some time in that sanctuary reflecting on that time and the sacrifices made. Then when you leave, grab the nearest uber-liberal/activist you can find and kick the **** out of 'em. If it hadn't been for them we would have won that war and we wouldn't be in this one. Back then they wouldn't let the military do their business and today they are trying to re-live their 'glory days' of activism.
Excerpt: I'm supposed to be writing my article for Southern Family Magazine, or doing some kind of homework, no wait - I'm supposed to be getting ready for the day but this is way more fun.
Weblog: Alabama Improper
Tracked: 02.02.06 - 2:37 am
Excerpt: What kind of mind thinks this is satire or humorous? This was so out of line, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed a letter of protest and sent it to Toles and the Washington Post.. You can
Weblog: The Violence Worker!
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Casey Sheehan

Did you know that if you google 'Casey Sheehan' almost everything that comes up is about Cindy Sheehan? There are just a couple of things about Casey Sheehan. I think that's interesting.
In Honor of a fallen American Soldier lest his sacrifice gets lost in the media storm. Army Spc. Casey Sheehan
What, you may well ask, will be the end of all of this? I would not know! But I would hope that our beloved country will drink deep from the chalice of courage.
Douglas MacArthur

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Eyes (brow) Have It

Governor Tim Kaine, (D) Virginia is giving the Democratic response to the President's State of the Union Speech. I'm trying to listen to him. Honest. Really. I am. But I can't quit watching his eyebrow. Am I the only one who is sitting at home watching him talk and trying to see if I can get one eyebrow to go up like that? Is there a string on it? Is someone behind him pulling his skin back to make the eyebrow go up like that? Can he do the other one? I haven't seen him do the other one .... I can't conscentrate on what he's saying for looking at that eyebrow. The Democrats are touting him as a possible Presidential canidate as an alternate to Hillary's apparent quest for the Presidency. At that thought I actually raised both my eyebrows. But I still can't just raise one.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ State of the Union - My Thoughts Excerpt: However, it should be noted that Democrats are standing and applauding often enough. Maybe they're beginning to realize that their extremism is causing them to lose their standing with the average American. It's time for some common middle ground to ... Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 01.31.06 - 7:17 pm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Open Posts: Mudville Gazette Cao's Blog Right Wing Nation Jo's Cafe The Real Ugly American Third World Country Basil's Blog Stuck on Stupid

Helen Thomas and Michael Moore

Helen Thomas' standing at White House Press Conferences has been in steady decline over the last few years. Last Thursday she was inexplicably snubbed by President Bush when he did not accept a question from her! Her reaction was:

"He's a coward. He's supposed to be this macho guy. He'll take on Osama bin Laden, but he won't take me on."

Ms. Thomas has also stated:

"The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself."

To all of our good fortune, Ms. Thomas has found an alternative to killing herself. She's found Michael Moore. Ms. Thomas' bitterness has swiftly melted away and been replaced by utter joy with the blossoming of new found love. A love based in common values. Those common values being their hatred of their President. This commonality is something not to be taken lightly. In fact, it's quite heavy. Very heavy. I mean really really heavy. Should PETA be notified? Somebody's been eatin' meat! Sorry, I digress.

I couldn't be happier for them both! It's been rumored that the blissful couple are in Riyadh even as I write this. It is said they are staying with close friend and confidant Mr. Michael Jackson or Ms. Michael Jackson, depending on the day. Mr./Ms. Jackson has given them the use of the eastern wing of his ForeverLand House of Saud-ymi. Mr./Ms. Jackson was overheard to say it has been an interesting change of pace to have grown-ups for a sleep-over.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Little Political Heckling: Helen Thomas, Michael Moore, Michael Jackson Excerpt: I've got to share a couple of hilarious posts I've read tonight. I guess they wouldn't be too funny to liberal democrats, but as an independent conservative, I thought they were amusing. Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 01.31.06 - 8:04 pm

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Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King, Human Rights Leader and widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. died during the night last night. Speaking of the strength of character she exhibited following her husband's death, she once said:

"I think you rise to the occasion in a crisis," she once said. "I think the Lord gives you strength when you need it. God was using us - and now he's using me, too."

Always a lady. Always true to her beliefs. A brave and honorable woman. Rest in Peace.

H/t to Sanity's Bluff source

photo above was taken while Mrs. King was attending Stanford University.

Justice Alito Confirmed

After a contentious confirmation process and a partisan vote the Senate Confirms Alito to Supreme Court

Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. became the nation's 110th Supreme Court justice on Tuesday, confirmed with the most partisan victory in modern history after a fierce battle over the future direction of the high court. The Senate voted 58-42 to confirm Alito _ a former federal appellate judge, U.S. attorney, and conservative lawyer for the Reagan administration from New Jersey _ as the replacement for retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who has been a moderate swing vote on the court.

He and Chief Justice Roberts are the first new members to the Supreme Court since 1994. Read more at Stop the ACLU. He has bee sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts. Congratulations to Justice Alito.

Monday, January 30, 2006

American Strength

An American Soldier was laid to rest today. He was eulogized, honored and buried with full Marine military honors.

The ceremony was spectacular and heartbreaking.

He had served his country for over 20 years as a Marine. He had served his community as a law enforcement officer. And in the last year, he had served his country again, training Iraqi soldiers. He was killed in Iraq by an IED. It took 11 days to bring him home.

He was buried in a cemetery next to a church a long way down a country road on the outskirts of a very small southern town.

This middle-of-no-where place is familiar to most of us Americans. You probably have a place very similar to it down the road and over the hill from where you are. Hundreds of people came to this middle-of-no-where place to pay respects to the man who was killed in service to his country.

Law enforcement officers escorted the horse drawn caisson from the church to the cemetery. Dozens of other law enforcement officers attended out of friendship and respect for the service he had given to his community. A group of military veteran bikers stood guard at the entrance of the cemetery.

And the Marines ….

The Marines honored him with the dignity, ceremony and respect fitting this fallen Marine.

This man was respected and emulated by his sons, adored by his daughters, loved and admired by his parents and siblings, and held in high esteem by his community.

His wife cherished him. And he cherished her.

A life well lived, ended too soon.

She let me read his last email to her. In it he had written, ‘I know that God exists and that He loves me. He has to love me because otherwise I could have never deserved your love.’ He also wrote, ‘You have made my mission here easy for me. You are the only woman who could understand why I need to be here and accept me for who I am.’

I watched from the sidelines today as my friend buried her husband. She was surrounded by a large, loving family. Her two sons sat on either side of her. One son in his dress greens the other will be in military garb when he graduates at the end of this school year.

She held herself with dignity, class and quiet strength. She greeted everyone who approached her. She thanked them for coming.

I hugged her as I was leaving, and for a couple of seconds she hid her face in my shoulder and wept, her body relaxed and felt as weak and helpless as a kitten. For just a couple of seconds. Then she raised herself again and mechanically thanked me for coming, regaining her composure.

The first time I saw her after getting the news, I asked her how she was doing. She said, ‘I’m still standing.’ As I walked away from the cemetery, I knew even after this gut-wrenching blow, she’d still be standing.

‘I’m grieving for myself.’ she had said, ‘He died doing what he loved’.

Flags fly on the houses around there. The people believe in God and country. They love their families, their friends and help their neighbors. They believe in integrity, honor, decency and carrying their own weight. They believe in traditional American values.

These people are the character and strength of America.

My friend, her family, her friends and her community have made a very personal sacrifice for love of their country. Americans have been making these sacrifices since the Revolutionary War. One family at a time. One person at a time. One community at a time.

It’s the extraordinary common man who holds this country together. It’s the guy who loves his country, his family, his community and his God. It’s the wife who waits for him, understands him and loves him.

You probably know these people. They are probably down the street from you, living in your community.

They are the threads that make up the fabric of American society and the cloth of the American Flag.


Contributed to Michelle Malkin's list of Others Injured and Killed by IEDS This Week.

Also can be viewed at

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Service Above Self Excerpt: American Strength An American Soldier was laid to rest today. He was eulogized, honored and buried with full Marine military honors. The ceremony was spectacular and heartbreaking. He had served his country for over 20 years as a Marine. Weblog: Small Town Veteran Tracked: 01.30.06 - 2:36 pm

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An American Hero Excerpt: Go read Beth's first hand account of a Marine laid to rest over at Blue Star Chronicles.An American Soldier was laid to rest today. He was eulogized, honored and buried with full Marine military honors. The ceremony was spectacular and Weblog: The Violence Worker! Tracked: 01.30.06 - 6:52 pm

A Moving Tribute Excerpt: Beth at Blue Star Chronicles has written a most loving and beautiful tribute to a fallen Marine and the family who loves him. Weblog: A Rose By Any Other Name Tracked: 01.30.06 - 7:48 pm

A Moving Tribute to a Fallen Hero
Excerpt: Beth of Blue Star Chroncles posts a moving tribute to a fallen Marine.I don’t know this Marine. I don’t know but a handfull of those I post about here. I do know how the Military Honors them. I alsop know how the families grieve, the com... Weblog: Echo9er Tracked: 02.02.06 - 8:11 am

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Wide Awake Cafe

Please go by and welcome Laura from The Wide Awake Cafe to the Blue Star Blogroll She says that her husband is retired military. She has brothers in the military. And her son is currently serving. She has a beautiful grandson. Check out her post about Jim Carroll's Boston Globe article. Welcome Laura!

Does Jimmy Carter Think Roses are Barns?

There's something of a debate going on at this post in which I assert that the jury is definitely still out on whether the Hamas Terrorists can turn into the George Washingtons and Benjamin Franklins of Palestine. In addition to name calling, Carla asserts that Hamas has softened it's stance regarding destroying Israel, suicide bombings and does charity work for the Palestinian people.
Yankee Mom, Brent Roos and Mark answer Carla's argument by pointing out that Hamas has not softened it's manifesto and other inconsistancies in the Jimmy Carter version of Foreign Relations. Here's one of the problems I have with this. There is a leap in logic that I have a hard time getting past. The Hamas Terrorists managed to win a 'democratic' election. With the Progressive line of logic that means they will therefore take their new power and use it in a responsible manner. They will rule the Gaza Strip as a democracy. To my way of thinking, that's like saying 'A rose is red and a barn is red, therefore a rose is a barn.' Call me a hate-filled right-winged bigot, but that just doesn't flow for me. It just seems to me that there are a few steps left out of that logic. And with those steps left out, the conclusion isn't necessarily acurate. See, the way I think is like this, 'A rose is red and a barn is red therefore a rose is red and a barn is red.' Have the Hamas Terrorist Group decided to become a democratic organization rather than just using a 'democratic' election to gain power? We'll see. To build a democracy in Palestine they will display a willingness to defend the weak and infirm. They will allow free speech and free press. They will protect the rights of the minority. They will protect freedom of religion and protect the right of it's citizens to worship as they please. They will have no state supported religion. They will provide an avenue for a fair and equal system of justice. As a democratic form of government they will be obliged to guarentee all of its citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is much more to forming a democracy than winning an election over an equally dispicable group. If the Hamas Terrorists can transform themselves into the Hamas Democracy, than more power to them. I'm not holding my breath. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Others participating in debate: Brent Roo's Blog - Jimmy Carter Hopes to Fund Hamas Knocking on the Golden Door Jo's Cafe Sanity's Bluff Crazy Politico's Ranting You Betcha I'm A Proud Army Mom Stop the ACLU - The Gun Toting Liberal In the Bull Pen - Jihad as Usual for Hamas Michelle Malkin - Victory for Hamas Sister Toldjah - Bad News for the Middle East All Things Beautiful - A Dark Victory The Uncooperative Blogger - Hamas Unofficially Wins a Majority in Parliament Jihad Watch - Hamas Wins, Palistinian Premier Resigns Rhymes With Right - Hamas Wins, The Process is Dead

Bragging Rights

My Soldier Son got a promotion. He's now a First Lieutenant .

Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon by Mike Lester Also see: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

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From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots. Thomas Jefferson