Sunday, January 29, 2006

Does Jimmy Carter Think Roses are Barns?

There's something of a debate going on at this post in which I assert that the jury is definitely still out on whether the Hamas Terrorists can turn into the George Washingtons and Benjamin Franklins of Palestine. In addition to name calling, Carla asserts that Hamas has softened it's stance regarding destroying Israel, suicide bombings and does charity work for the Palestinian people.
Yankee Mom, Brent Roos and Mark answer Carla's argument by pointing out that Hamas has not softened it's manifesto and other inconsistancies in the Jimmy Carter version of Foreign Relations. Here's one of the problems I have with this. There is a leap in logic that I have a hard time getting past. The Hamas Terrorists managed to win a 'democratic' election. With the Progressive line of logic that means they will therefore take their new power and use it in a responsible manner. They will rule the Gaza Strip as a democracy. To my way of thinking, that's like saying 'A rose is red and a barn is red, therefore a rose is a barn.' Call me a hate-filled right-winged bigot, but that just doesn't flow for me. It just seems to me that there are a few steps left out of that logic. And with those steps left out, the conclusion isn't necessarily acurate. See, the way I think is like this, 'A rose is red and a barn is red therefore a rose is red and a barn is red.' Have the Hamas Terrorist Group decided to become a democratic organization rather than just using a 'democratic' election to gain power? We'll see. To build a democracy in Palestine they will display a willingness to defend the weak and infirm. They will allow free speech and free press. They will protect the rights of the minority. They will protect freedom of religion and protect the right of it's citizens to worship as they please. They will have no state supported religion. They will provide an avenue for a fair and equal system of justice. As a democratic form of government they will be obliged to guarentee all of its citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is much more to forming a democracy than winning an election over an equally dispicable group. If the Hamas Terrorists can transform themselves into the Hamas Democracy, than more power to them. I'm not holding my breath. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Others participating in debate: Brent Roo's Blog - Jimmy Carter Hopes to Fund Hamas Knocking on the Golden Door Jo's Cafe Sanity's Bluff Crazy Politico's Ranting You Betcha I'm A Proud Army Mom Stop the ACLU - The Gun Toting Liberal In the Bull Pen - Jihad as Usual for Hamas Michelle Malkin - Victory for Hamas Sister Toldjah - Bad News for the Middle East All Things Beautiful - A Dark Victory The Uncooperative Blogger - Hamas Unofficially Wins a Majority in Parliament Jihad Watch - Hamas Wins, Palistinian Premier Resigns Rhymes With Right - Hamas Wins, The Process is Dead