Thursday, April 24, 2008

Epionce Skin Care

I love skin care products. I've been addicted to them since I was a child. I learned early that good quality products make all the difference. You can buy the cheap stuff and end up spending twice as much because it doesn't last as long or you have to buy more products to do the same thing. In other words, you usually get what you pay for. I have been looking at Epionce for that reason. Epionce is a skin care product introduced by Dr. Diane McConnehey.

I found the product through FocusOnSkinCare [Dot] Com and learned that Dr. McConnehey started practicing dermaesthetic in 1998. She is board certified in family practice. Her initial interest in treatment of skin disorders gradually turned into an interest in cosmetics and treatment of the health and appearance of the skin. She realized that many (not all) skin disorders could be avoided by taking care of the skin before the disorder developed. She believes that using good quality and appropriate skin care products can help us maintain a youthful appearance as well as repair damage done. Its never too late to take care of your skin!

Epionce offers all the products you need for complete skin care including cleansing, moisturizing, age-defying (even for the eyelashes!) and protection from the sun among others. The products are created so that there are variations suitable for normal, dry and oily skin types. There are treatments for skin problems such as rough skin textures, clearing up clogged pores, reducing redness and scaly skin.

The products look great and the website provides a lot of information on all the products as well as on skin care in general. Check it out and see if its right for you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leonids Meteor Shower

Leonids Meteor Shower (Photo)

There's supposed to be a Leonids Meteor Shower tonight that should be visible to our side of the earth. Some reports call them Leonids and others call them Lyrids. I don't know which are supposed to be seen tonight or if they are the same things and someone just doesn't know how to spell it.

Leonids Meteor Shower comes around once a year. They should be visible in the early morning dark hours if the a full moon doesn't wash out the view. The meteor is the remnants of an ancient comet that is visible as the earth flies through its debris.

Below is a video of a previous Leonid meteor shower.

Leonids Meteor Shower (Video)

Nicholas White Trapped in an Elevator

Nicholas White Trapped in an Elevator (Video)

This video has been viewed something like 300,000 times since it was uploaded a few days ago. It seems that Nicholas White was working late one Friday night. About 11 p.m. that night he went out for some cigarettes and got trapped in the elevator on his way back to his office. He says that once he realized he was stuck, he knew he was in for a long wait since it was the weekend.

This all happened in 1999 and I guess Mr. White didn't have a cell phone with him.

The The video was uploaded as an accompaniment to is a piece by Nick Pumgarten, Up and then Down in the April 21st issue of The New Yorker.

Nicholas White is pretty good humored about the popularity of the video. I don't know why he wouldn't be. He won his lawsuit against the McGraw-Hill Building and the elevator company.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Prince William Mucks Around With Military Aircraft

Prince William, second in line for the British throne, seems to think what belongs to Britain belongs to him and apparently doesn't understand the meaning of military discipline.

Prince Charles and Prince William
Prince Charles and Prince William

I'm not a critic of the British royal family. In fact, I think they are kind of interesting. Its cool that there is still a European royal family that at least pretend to be enthroned. Its a throw-back to days long gone and all that. Still, sometimes their complete lack of having any limits in their lives is pretty astounding.

As I understand it, since Prince William will undoubtedly be King one day, he is supposed to get training in every branch of the military service. His most recent training has been with the Air Force. He's been learning to fly planes and helicopters and the like. He was awarded his wings recently.

In the past month there have been two incidents (that people know about) of Prince William using Chinook helicopters for his own pleasure. Prince William flew a Chinook to London to pick up his brother, Prince Harry. Then he flew the two of them to the Isle of Wight for a weekend of partying with their cousin, Peter Phillips who is Princess Anne's son. Another time he took a Chinook he was training in to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton's house. He practiced landing and taking off from a field behind her house.

The problem is that he seems to think that the military vehicles that are acquired at the expense of the tax paying citizens of the United Kingdom are his very own personal play things. Or perhaps its that his superior officers are either afraid to tell the future King that he can't do these things or are so enamored with his royalty that they approve such misuse of military vehicles. Either way, there's something terribly wrong when Prince William is allowed to use helicopters and airplanes for his personal use.

Meanwhile, British troops in Afghanistan are dealing with a shortage of Chinooks and other equipment. But why should a little thing like that bother a future King. He'll never have to deal with shortages when he's deployed. Oh wait. He won't be deployed so there really isn't a need to worry about it at all!!!!

I do think it would do him a world of good to have to actually do something with all the training he is getting. He should have to be deployed. It would help him grow up and certainly would help him get a better understanding of what the troops, who will one day be under his command, have to deal with. A callus or two on those perfectly manicured hands would make him feel better about himself as a man.

After all, that's how his ancestors became Kings in the first place.