Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Little Darling's Last Halloween

Amanda Halloween 2007 Amanda Halloween 2007
I'm trying to organize my photos and ran across these photos of my daughter. My li'l darlin' thinks she was scary at a Halloween party she attended. She sent me these photos and I don't think she's scary looking at all!!! Sadly, its gotten to where I only see either of my kids through photos. They both live so far away. She doesn't seem to mind helping decapitate some poor soul with a guillotine! But then, she's nobody to mess with that's for sure. She may look like a sweet little something and she is, but she's also a power to reckon with. Neither of my kids are wimpy. The pictures below are of her and her boyfriend. He was dressed like a nerd! lol
Amanda and Brian Halloween 2007 Amanda and Brian Halloween 2007