Saturday, December 10, 2005

From One Soldier's Mother To Another

From One Soldier's Mother to Another November 26, 2005 Cindy,

I saw another interview with you today, since I wrote the post saying there were no tears from you. I saw the tears, I saw your face. I saw the struggle in your face and eyes.

My heart broke for you, for a moment.

I can’t even bring myself to make sarcastic remarks right now. Others are reluctant to criticize you as well. That’s why you are useful. Do you understand that? Your precious son became a man, as mine has. He made the choices of a man, whether you agreed with his choices or not, they were his to make. Honor him. Honor his courage, integrity and service to his country, whether you agree with the choices he made or not.

Honor him. He apparently was an honorable man.

Go home, Cindy. Start working on mending the wounds in your family. Be there for your other children, they are grieving too.

Go home. Your son has died an honorable death, you will never be able to out run your grief. It’ll always be with you. Let yourself grieve and quit trying to run from it.

Go home. Go home and find your life. Spewing blame on everyone but the one’s who brought this war to our homeland is only prolonging your grief, and the war, and the danger to our nations other soldiers.

Go home, Cindy, you are being used to the advantage of some who have agendas that are not in the interests of what your son died for.

As one soldier’s mother to another I look at you and am so sad in empathy for your loss and a paralyzing fear for my own son.

As one soldier’s mother to another I look at you with an anger I can’t put words to. I’m angry because I believe your actions and words are endangering our soldiers. If your words and actions, screamed loudly over international airways, get one more American soldier killed, you should be tried for treason.

As one soldier’s mother to another, if your benefactors use your words and actions to promote their agendas, and my son is harmed or killed as a result, I will follow your example. I will be camping outside your house and demanding you be tried for the murder of my son.

Go home, Cindy, your current path will come to no good end.

With Sincere Sympathy and Warmest Regards,