Saturday, December 10, 2005

Her Boyfriend's Back

My daughter's boyfriend just got here on leave from a tour of duty in Iraq. They've dated off and on for about a year now. Mostly off because he's usually stationed somewhere not near here. He's on his second deployment of 18 months. This time he has only been gone a couple of months, so it seems odd he would have gotten his leave this early in the deployment. She has to take him back to the airport on Christmas Day. For anyone who might be reading this who isn't familiar with things military, when a soldier is deployed he gives a 'home of record'. The military (whichever branch) will fly you to the nearest airport to your 'home of record' for leave. So, my daughter's boyfriend gave our town as his 'home of record'. He did this so he could come here and visit her during his leave. His actual home, where his family lives, is in a whole 'nuther part of the country, not even close to here. So. He is sleeping in our basement and my husband is none too happy about it. Now, she's grown. She's been on her own since she left for college 5 years ago. But recently moved into our basement to save money. She's working full time and going to graduate school full time. We all thought that it was a good idea, for her to move back here, at least until she finished school. While her boyfriend is here, she's sleeping upstairs in her old bedroom (just to be sure that's clear in case my mother reads this). This is a very impressive young man. He's on his second tour of duty. He has metals and honors up to his ears. He is very young and still has risen in rank rapidly and proven himself in battle. He is decent, pleasant, honorable and hard working. So what's the problem? Nothing, I suppose. I believe in supporting our troops. I love our troops. My son is a troop. But, this guy is going to be in my basement for two weeks. My husband is going to be giving him dirty looks every time he walks in or out of the door because he doesn't like the idea of my daughter even having a boyfriend, much less one in the basement. This should be an interesting couple of weeks!