Saturday, December 10, 2005

Barbara Bush didn't raise George Right!

Cindy Shenanigans wrote a letter to Barbara Bush telling her she didn’t raise her son right. She told her in the letter that George killed her son.

I didn’t know that!

I thought he had died in a similar manner as warriors throughout the ages have died. In combat. In combat with an enemy of whatever nation, cause, belief system the warrior is defending.

I’m listening closely to Cindy and her supporters. From what I can deduce, our soldiers are over there doing horrible things to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Horrible things!

I thought we had an all volunteer Army. I was wrong. Our soldiers have been forced to go grab poor helpless foreign lands to feed to the Imperialist George Bush in his never ending hunger for power.

Golly-wow! I know some American Soldiers. I didn’t know they were such bad people.

Naw, I’m just kidding. I know, I know. We Support Our Troops, it’s the War we don’t support.

It’s not the troops it’s the war we don’t like. The troops are just the agent used by George Bush to promote his agenda of an American Empire.

When Cindy and the like carry on about American’s putting underwear on war-prisoners heads being comparable torture to that of cutting off the heads of Nicholas Burg, Daniel Pearl and others with a kitchen knife, taking 20 minutes to do it, they aren’t critizing our troops. They are simply pointing out the evils of the Bush Regime.

Cindy wrote a letter to Barbara telling her she didn’t raise her son right. We in the South know what not raising a child right means. It is not a good thing.

I wonder how Cindy’s other children are doing while she’s basking in the lime-light.