Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Go Ahead - Judge a Podcast by its Cover

Yodio is a great new online service that I think you are going to love. Its a site that makes it possible for you to create cover art to your podcasts. If you are a podcaster or want to be a podcaster, you really need to check out this new service to spice up your podcasts.

You can upload the MP3 file from Yodio.com, add the cover photo and post the embedded player to your blog or website. You can use digital photos to add a personal touch to your podcast. They also have a YouTube type player that your can use to display the art you are using for your podcast.

I'm fixin' to make a podcast using their program.Check it out at www.yodio.com.

Press Release:


Contact: Clay Loges 206/423-6553 or Kimberly Hankins kimberlyhankins@yodio.com

Go Ahead - Judge a Podcast by its Cover Yodio Gives Online Users the Ability to Visually Personalize Podcasts

SEATTLE, May 5, 2008 – Yodio introduces podcasters the unique ability to visually wrap podcasts. Much like an album cover, users can create cover photos, producing a complete and total podcasting experience, resulting in podcasts with the ultimate finishing touch. Using any image, photo or piece of art, users can upload an MP3 recording and attach a full size (up to a 10 MB) digital photo.

A survey by Storm/Universal McCann reports that 32 percent of respondents increased their podcast use in the past six months.” Invisible podcasts are ignored podcasts. Yodio allows online users to elevate podcasts to a visually rich, personalized online medium. This new visual element heightens the purpose of any blog or online community-to clearly convey information to fellow online users.

This free service exclusively from Yodio allows users to embed a Yodio player into any blog – but unlike other current methods, Yodio offers a complete and visual package to fully encase the audio podcast. For podcasters who want to go beyond the cover photo, Yodio can be used to create illustrated podcasts using multiple JPEG photos or graphics to attach a graphic to individual audio sections.

“Every picture needs a story; a photo plus audio creates a compelling story,” comments former Corbis CEO and current ZoomAlbum CEO Doug Rowan. “Photographs by themselves don’t really tell the stories. You need people to tell the stories. Yodio is delivering on this need.”

To embed a Yodio player or learn more about Yodio, visit www.yodio.com. ###

Yodio is a broadcast network where consumers and businesses can power their high-impact messaging to targeted audiences. The foundation of Yodio is an online service for recording, producing, and sharing synchronized audio/p