Tuesday, May 13, 2008

IBackup Online Now Supports Mac and iPhone

IBackup Online is growing and improving the services they have to offer. They have recently included a version of their services that is built for Mac! They have also included enhancements making it easier for you to view and share your data view iPhone and other hand held devices! Now you can not only be sure that your data is securely backed up, but you can access it easily from multiple types of devices.

I've lost my information twice and really value the ability to back up online. Both times it was work related and both times the entire contents of my financial program was lost. It was not a small matter. In both incidents it had to do with lightening storms and it took us months to reenter data that was lost.

After the first time I started looking into an Online Backup system but never followed through. I followed through immediately the second time. I learned my lesson about the importance of data backup. Online Storage is great because it is off site and no affected by whatever happens to your home or work computer.

IBackup Online offers very user friendly interface with storage features where users online data appear as a mapped drive or folder on their desktop. Working with data online couldn’t be easier, with drag-n-drop features and a familiar explorer interface. This feature is not offered by any other online storage service with the kind of performance and security that IBackup offers.

Performance difference is very significant in many cases where IBackup’s desktop applications outperform the rest by a factor of at least 30-50%. This could mean significant productivity gain.

The IBackup Online website very easy to navigate and gives thorough and easy to understand explanations of the services offered. They offer packages from 5 to 300 gigs of storage. That would cover the needs of individuals or businesses needing Online Storage. They have plenty of methods to get in touch with support technicians 24/7 (that’s always an important feature of any program for me!).

It looks like a top-notch online backup and storage solution.