Saturday, May 03, 2008

Costumes are Fun

My kids used to love Halloween. I suspect they still do! Picking out a Halloween Costume was always a big deal and they always had very definite ideas of what they wanted to wear on any given year. My daughter was a witch so many times that I lost track!

I know its not Halloween, but there's nothing wrong with playing dress up year round. It can be a ton of fun. There's a great costume website where you can find costumes for any occassion. Whether you are looking for something for the kids so they can play dress-up or something for yourself to play dress up or go to a costume party, they pretty much have it all.

Check out their 4th of July costumes! You could have a blast at your 4th of July party dressed in any of those. And, of course, there's alway adult Halloween costumes. Like I said, there's something for every occasion. Check it out. It'll be fun!