Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Queen Tells Kate Middleton to Get a Job

Kate Middleton

The Queen of England is telling Prince William that Kate Middleton has to get a job and actually work before they take any steps towards marriage. The subject of Kate Middleton's lack of employment since she graduated college three years ago. She's piddled with this and that, but she's not actually been employed. She seems to be focusing more on a career as Princess in Waiting as opposed to seeking out any other career paths.

At 82-years-old, the Queen maintains a full work schedule and is said to feel strongly that people should work. She also is said to feel strongly that the Royals should set an example of hard work. She doesn't quite know what Kate Middleton does with her time and doesn't want a public relations problem that might be caused by having a Royal WAG on William's arm.

So she's laid down the law to William. Kate gets a job. Period. Oh, and she has to actually work the job for more than a month or two (which has been her pattern).

I guess time will tell if the Queen will be able to influence Kate to do more than wait for Prince William to ask her to marry him.

Kate Middleton - Video