Saturday, February 25, 2006

Suicide Bombers target Saudi Oil

From Reuters UK:

Al Qaeda has taken credit for Friday's attempted attack on the Saudi oil installations. Of course, Al Qaeda is reporting that the attack was a success. They seem to be leaving out the part in which the suicide bombers only got through the first gate. [well, actually, only one of the cars got through the first gate if you want to be technical.] They also leave out the part in which the Saudi security forces successfully fought off the attack. Minor little details, I guess. The statement released by Al Qaeda includes:

We shall not cease our attacks until our territories are liberated

I thought this was an odd statement:

We renew our vow to crush the forces of the crusaders and the tyrants and to stop the theft of the wealth of the Muslims.

Theft of the wealth? Theft? It seems to me we are paying through our collective noses for their oil. And Osama, you might want to think this through for a minute. How much wealth will there be if we don't buy the oil? Oil is only worth anything if someone is willing to buy it. If we don't buy 'the wealth of the Muslims' you will not be wealthy and you'll have nothing to drink in that desert but oil.
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