Saturday, February 25, 2006

Carnival of Blue Stars - # 3

Carnival of Blue Stars Welcome to the Third Carnival of Blue Stars. Our military men and women are our best and brightest! Their accomplishments are the pride of our country. The Carnival of Blue Stars gives us, the families, friends, supporters, veterans and current service members an opportunity to have a voice in the Blogsphere. The history of the Blue Star Banner can be found here. Send the post you want to showcase to me to be included in the Carnival of Blue Stars. In your email please include the URL to the post you are submitting. Don't make me come looking for you .... And remember to join the Blue Star Blogroll.
Links and trackbacks are welcome, appreciated and reciprocated.

Free Iraqi writes Let’s Blame it on the Sunnis [h/t to Wizbang: CARNIVAL OF THE TRACKBACKS LII ] gives an excellent and insightful explanation of some of the dynamics fueling the ethnic conflicts and insurgencies in Iraq. He offers some reasonable solutions:

I think the major problem is that Saddam's mentality is still running this country through people like Sadr, Al-Hakeem, Adnan Al-Dulaimi and Barzani.

This post answers many questions and raises others. We will all understand the what is going on in Iraq better if we read this post and read it with an open mind intent on understanding. Woman Honor Thyself has posted a powerful article honoring the Marines killed when two helicopters crashed off the coast of Africa this week. Argghhh! points out that It's An Odd War. He also posts some pictures of our soldiers in action. The Real Ugly American has an excellent article on What’s Really Going on in Iraq through the eyes of real soldiers who have been there. One Marine's View says the MSM is so busy with insignificant stories that they aren't telling the real story of what is happening in Iraq. He says the MSM is so desperate they are running 2 year old photos from Abu Ghrab prison. [h/t A Rose By Any Other Name] I love our Soldiers. Aubrey J. has a great photo of the day. [hint it has to the with the 1st Armor Division - hooah] He also posts a list of casualties. Speaking of our Soldiers. I think we really must have depleted the German warrior gene-pool in WWII. Born Again Redneck posts the story of the German man jailed for a year for insulting Islam. Bullwinkle Blog has some bad news for the left. While your there, just for fun, check out his idea for a new Winter Olympic sport. Freedom Watch does not approve of the UAE deal. Is It Just Me? asks if it's Paranoia Mixed with Politics. Red Hot Cuppa Politics asks, 'Why the hell not?. Violence Worker is back and analysing the UAE deal as well. The Paladin is looking at the politics of the deal with a level head as well. While you are at Daves (The Paladin) you might look at his graphic and poignant definition of the Religion of Peace. Kimdergarten has seen her daughter through preparing for and joining the Air Force, now her son is getting ready to go. So soon. You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom is dealing with a homesick 18 year old soldier. It's so hard to see our babies having to be so grown. Life-Florida-Whatever has some info for deployed family support. Thirdee at Code Red: Women for the Troops reports on the return of the 13th MEU. Soldier's Dad has an update on Iraq Security and Stability. Last, but not least, one of my favorite blogs, Samantha Speaks about the Marines rendering aid to the Phillipines. We haven't see this on CNN. If you like history, you'll love Samantha's blog. She has post after post on the history of the Marine Corp. If you think I've left something out that should be here, please feel free to trackback or leave a comment with the URL here and I will add it or put it in next weeks Carnival. Thanks to everyone for participating and especially thanks to all of our men and women in the Armed Forces.

If you want to participate in the Carnival of Blue Stars just send me an email with the URL of your blog and the URL of the post your want to submit. New entries for each weeks Carnival need to be submitted by 8 p.m. on Saturday night. You can put the Blue Star Badge below in your sidebar by clicking on 'Want this badge?'. Clicking on the badge will take you to the Blue Star Carnival.
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