Thursday, February 16, 2006

France Woke up Feeling Rather Danish Today!

France's Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy has accused Iran of having a military aspect to their nuclear program.

"No civil nuclear programme can explain the Iranian nuclear programme. It is a clandestine military nuclear programme," he said. "The international community has sent a very strong message to the Iranians - show reason, suspend all nuclear activities and uranium enrichment. And they're not listening to us."

Iran said, 'We ain't building no stinkin' bombs'. France said, 'Oui, you are!' Iran said, 'No, we aren't. It's Western propaganda giving us a bad name. It's Bush's fault.' The entire country stomped it's foot, pouting, causing aftershock to be felt as far away as Pakistan. France tossed it's hair with care-free abandon and replied, 'We all had Danish pastries for breakfast this morning. Besides, Germany, Britian and the Vikings have our backs, En Guarde!!'

BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says that Mr Douste-Blazy's blunt characterisation shows that, in diplomatic terms at least, the gloves are coming off. France, the UK and Germany have had a key role in pursuing long-running contact with Tehran, in an effort to persuade it to give up its plans. But the mood among the Europeans is sombre, laced with an element of frustration, our correspondent says - as Iran now appears intent on pursuing its nuclear research programme.

(see story and here) Iran retaliated by renaming Danish pastries. Breaking all known records, France has not yet surrendered ....
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