Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Can the Progressives Find Something to Hang Their Hats on?

The press, try as they might, couldn’t make a national security issue out of the fact that the Vice President shot a lawyer. First of all, the guy didn’t die and second, lawyers aren’t on the endangered species list. They might have made a case about the fact that Cheney didn’t have a Lawyer stamp on his hunting license and so can’t legally shoot one. By the way, what is the daily limit on lawyers? On another note, isn’t Al Gore the gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans? This guy came within a Supreme Court vote of becoming President. If he had carried his own state in the 2000 election he would have won without all the fuss. Apparently, the people who know him best couldn’t stand him enough to vote for him. Imagine giving this bloatman any power. That should strike terror in the hearts of all Americans. I haven’t seen the Muslims make any issue out of the video of the British soldiers flogging a bunch of Arabs with clubs during a demonstration in an Iraqi city two years ago. I guess it really doesn’t compare to sawing off somebody’s head with a kitchen knife. The Muslims would rather make a big deal out of cartoons and target the Danes who are pretty much harmless and can’t knock off any of them. What’s next for the uber liberals? They can’t seem to find a real issue that resonates with most Americans. They even tried to push that hopeless, babbling dove Jimmy Carter to the forefront. We are all thrilled that Carter is in touch with the feminine side of his nature but this is a lethally dangerous world and we simply don’t have time for ole Jimmy. He is so out of the loop that he simply can’t be resuscitated. The guy is not only a national disgrace but is way past null and void. Maybe the Republicans will institute the draft and give them a real issue. I can hear the wailing now. *written by my Beloved Curmudgeon