Friday, February 17, 2006

Draft Dodging Richard Dreyfuss is ready to Fight

Richard Dreyfuss. What can one say about Richard Dreyfuss. He's an actor who says that impeaching Bush is a cause worth fighting for. So NOW he wants to fight. How convenient. He's too old to be drafted now, so I suppose he'll stay in the United States for this war. In a speech to the National Press Corp he said:

Unless you are willing to accept torture as part of a normal American political lexicon, unless you are willing to accept that leaving the Geneva Convention is fine and dandy, if you accept the expansion of wiretapping as business as usual, the only way to express this now is to embrace the difficult and perhaps embarrassing process of impeachment.

This is really funny ... he said in the same speech,

impeachment is a statement that we refuse to endorse bad behavior.

He goes on to tell how the media is to blame for middle American's instantaneous response to attacks and events. The media dependant on sound-bites and immediate sensationalism (I agree with him on this point to some extent). But then he goes on to say how the media has shrunken the world and that in the past

time and distance played an amazing part in keeping the human race from killing itself

Well, time and distance certainly saved his hyde at one point! Living in Canada throughout the Vietnam War, for instance. Mr. Dreyfuss, in your outrage at the inhumanity of the United States, I see nothing in your speech that addresses the inhumanity of our enemies. How, then, would you suggest we fight them? How do you suggest we address the well-documented fact that they want to kill Americans, Eurpeons and push Israel into the sea? Are you equally outraged at the beheading of Nick Berg, a naive and innocent kid that went to the Muslims to prove that all Jews were not like they believed? What about Daniel Pearl? Were you outraged that his throat was slit just because he was a Jew? Did that bother you at all? How do you suggest we fight an enemy that does these things? This enemy who says slaughtering the Christian Peace Activists who are now captives there, is nothing more than slaughtering a pig. Do you think they will appreciate the fact that you have criticized their enemy? Do you think they will take that into account should they run across you? You are an American and a Jew, Mr. Dreyfuss, they will give you no more consideration than they have any of the 300 plus men and women whose heads they have sawed off to date. How easy to go to the National Press Club and preach to the choir about impeaching an American President. There are no consequences for that. How about standing up to the rioting hordes who are demanding the death of Westerners and Israelites? What about speaking to the outrage of the death and destruction these masses have brought to the world. Now that would take courage. How about fight for the right of a cartoonist to express himself in a 'free press' without a million dollar bounty being put on his head and having to go into hiding for his life? You are a silly actor Mr. Dreyfuss and your self-indulgent self-importance is astounding. You sat out Vietnam in Canada, then came back to the United States and made your millions in a country you would not fight for. Now you say you are willing to fight the easiest target there is, one in which fighting has no personal consequence or sacrifice. You left the country once in protest of a war that you said was criminal and unjust (at least that's the reason you gave at the time). Since you consider this war criminal and unjust you could sit it out in Canada as well, you know. We'll muddle along without you somehow. h/t memeorandum linked to Michelle Malkin; Stop the ACLU; Riehl World View; All Things Beautiful; Third World County; Museum of Left Wing Lunacy; Protein Wisdom; California Conservative; Atlas Shrugs; Dread Pundit Bluto; Junk Yard Blog; Stuck on Stupid; Rhymes with Right; The Liberal Wrong Wing; TMH Bacon Bits; Voteswagon; Jo's Cafe; The Right Track; Adam's Blog; Bloggin Out Loud; Everyman Chronicles; The Median Sib; Public Figures Beware ; Mark in Mexico; Random Thoughts

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