Saturday, February 18, 2006

Carnival of Blue Stars - # 2

Carnival of Blue Stars Welcome to the Second Carnival of Blue Stars. Our military men and women are our best and brightest! Their accomplishments are the pride of our country. The Carnival of Blue Stars give us, the families, friends, supporters, veterans and current service members an opportunity to have a voice in the Blogsphere. Send the post you want to showcase to me to be included in the Carnival of Blue Stars. In your email please include the URL to the post you are submitting. Don't make me come looking for you .... And remember to join the Blue Star Blogroll.
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The Cartoon Wars are front and center this week. Lady Jane helps us get it in perspective. Carol defines 'dhimmitude' and it's a word we need to understand. Jen has an interesting perspective. Kathy says the Noose is Tightening, Musharraf of Pakistan, by his own doing, is caught between the Western Coalition and the Taliban in the Cartoon Wars. Have you heard of the RoMo and the Infidel Creed? Samantha Burns elaborates on the Moron of the Week. She goes on a Crazy Rant about Al Gore and the speech in Saudi Arabia in which he trashes the U.S. for 'horrible abuses' of Muslims following 9/11 and says the majority of his countrymen feel as he does [huh?!?]. She remarks, 'Ya, brilliant move. There's nothing better than having some idiot risk the lives of soldiers over some bologna propaganda.' Exactly! Alexandra of All Things Beautiful also has a few thoughts to share on America's Useful Idiots and the threat to our country. Republican Jen discusses another idiot, but I'm not sure how useful he is. The Patreitte has information about a scholarship contest available for military spouses. She also passes along a couple of letters of interest. One of the letters is from a soldier who says, 'If you do not support my mission, you do not support me.' The other is a note from her father, a U.S. Navy and Vietnam Veteran, to former President Carter following his remarks at the Coretta Scott King funeral. The Intergalactic Source of Truth gives some insight into the dynamics between competing tribes in Iraq. It's well worth reading more of his posts. There is progress being made in Iraqi reconstruction. Ever wonder how our soldier's sleep? An American Warrior answers 'Who Am I?' and the parent of an American Warrior has a few words to offer. Samantha has several interesting posts about the history of the Marine Corp. More here and here. My father was a Marine in WWII. Speaking of Marine history, did you know that Medal of Honor recipient and WWII hero Pappy Boyington may not be considered a good role model at his alma mater, The University of Washington. Some students don't want to erect a statue in his honor because he had killed other people during the war. Freedom Watch asks Americans to pray for peace for Israel. Israel needs our prayers (we need our prayers), Mark examines anti-Semitism in the U.N. [is this anything new?] and at Sonoma State University. Happy belated birthday to Kim and Happy Birthday today to Ruth. Ruth has birthday tributes from two of her blogging daughters, Daddy's Roses and The Median Sib. Who is your South Park self? This is me, the Cozy Reader, Alabama Improper, and Republican Jen. Ruth celebrates President's Day by writing about her mother's politics in the 1930s. She also has posted a beautiful valentine in memory of her beloved husband. Mark at Knocking on the Golden Door is dealing with the decline of his beloved dog. Keep My Soldier Safe points us to A Military Mom who lost her son on Wednesday. And Laura Lee has lost her nephew. Please keep them in your prayers.

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Carnival of Blue Stars Excerpt: Beth at Blue Star Chronicles has graciously included a link Weblog: A Lady's Ruminations Tracked: 02.19.06 - 5:58 pm Sunday Evening Potpourri Excerpt: . . . Of course the cartoons aren't the REAL reason. That's just their excuse to kill. Major news organizations such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and others cower under the threat of violence from Muslims. The selective reporting of the MSM becomes glaring ... Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 02.19.06 - 6:45 pm