Thursday, February 16, 2006

ACLU says National Security Leaks are OKAY

The ACLU, ever vigilant in it's efforts at undermining America's ability to protect itself, put out a press release today.

Citing growing concerns over court decisions that have weakened laws designed to protect whistleblowers, the American Civil Liberties Union today called on Congress to enact stronger protections for whistleblowers, especially those in the national security arena. Legislation that would take steps to correct some shortcomings in whistleblower law - but without critical protections for national security whistleblowers - was the subject of a hearing held by a panel of the House Government Reform Committee.

Apparently, 'whistleblower' is a new term for 'traitor' or 'treason'. It seems someone who leaks national security information is now a 'whistleblower' rather than a traitor.

In recent weeks, the Department of Justice has announced that it will investigate the disclosure of an illegal National Security Agency domestic eavesdropping operation approved by President George W. Bush.

The ACLU goes on to note that the public would not be aware of the methods the administration is taking to protect the country if it were not for a 'whistleblower'. The current whistleblower legistlation, H.R. 1317,

fails to fix a gap in current law for intelligence community employees from whom regulatory protections have been insufficient; and does not prohibit the career-ending revocation of a security clearance in retaliation for covered disclosures. It is critical that lawmakers correct these shortcomings, or else national security whistleblowers could remain out in the cold.

The focus of this press release is on tightening up the whistleblower legislation to protect those with Top Secret clearance for betraying whatever Top Secrets they are privy to. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of 'Top Secret Clearance'?

Treason Security by ACLU Excerpt: Leaking clasified information aids our enemy, and at war-time is Unthinkable. A full investigation of the ACLU is needed.. Weblog: Mensa Barbie Welcomes You Tracked: 02.16.06 - 6:55 pm