Sunday, February 05, 2006

Carnival of the Celebrities

Check out Don Surber's Carnival of the Celebrities. He had the very good taste to post Mama's Don't let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys along with some other very good celebrity posts. While you are over there check out his post on Schooling the Germans. In this post he makes some good observations about why throwing the term Nazi around at anyone we disagree with is not such a good idea. He points to this Reuters article. Today German Chancelor, Angela Merkel, reminded world leaders of exactly why we must remember the History of Nazism.

"Looking back to German history in the early 1930s when National Socialism was on the rise, there were many outside Germany who said 'It's only rhetoric -- don't get excited.' There were times when people could have reacted differently and, in my view, Germany is obliged to do something at the early stages ... We want to, we must prevent Iran from developing its nuclear program."

U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman agreed with the Chancelor and added:

"From the writings of Hitler during the 1930s and Mein Kampf to the polemics of bin Laden in the 1990s, there is ample evidence that sometimes when people write and say that they hate you and ... they want to destroy you, in fact they mean it and will try,"

We must remember the lessons of history and not minimize the threats facing us today.
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