Saturday, January 28, 2006

What Will We Do About Iran?

I watched the surprise on the progressives faces when commenting on recent polls that indicate 67% of the American people support not sitting on our hands should Iran have nuclear capabilities. 57% of Americans are willing to take care of the Iranian situation through 'whatever means necessary'. Why does this surprise the uber-progressives? It's very clear to me. Most of us are willing to sit back and listen to the goings-on of the likes of John I-actually-think-I-almost-won-the-Presidency Kerry and Edward 'Chappaquiddick-dick' Kennedy. But when there is a real threat, we know we will do what Americans have always done. We will do what we have to do. No one takes pleasure in this. But we know, most of us know, that it's all getting boiled down to just 2 choices. Us or them. We didn't bring it to that. We'd just asoon go on living our lives as we always have. Part of the process of war is dehumanizing the enemy. We've seen that in every war. Our enemy started that process with us long, long ago. We are 'infidels'. Al-Quada operatives are instructed that sawing off the head of a Christian or Jew is nothing more than slaughtering a pig. They won't care if you are progressive, conservative, libertarian or green party. The lines have already been drawn. While we debate the humaniy of it and worry about collateral damage. They plan cruelty and target civilians. There can be no question they intend to completely destroy Israel.
While we deny it is a Holy War, they have loudly and repeatedly declared Jihad. They keep telling us it is Islam vs. Jews and Christians. Why don't we hear them? We have been slow to recognize it, slow to respond, as we always have been. So when it comes down to it. Most of us look at the situation and know we'll do what we have to do. By whatever means necessary. When I look at our children and my husband's grandchildren I don't have to think about it for a nano-second. I suspect if people thought of it in these concrete terms, the polls would show a much higher percentage of Americans saying 'No, no, no, not my kids.' In my heart of hearts, I wish they'd stop. I wish Islam did not want to dominate the world and destroy us. But wishing won't make it go away.

We are Americans. We will not be intimidated. I say, by whatever means necessary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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