Friday, January 27, 2006

Blue Star Blogs Roll Call

Veterans: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy posts on the Roadmap to Hell. Looks like the Palestinians aren't interested in peace. Are we surprised? Patriot Voices posts updates on real stories about our military. Small Town Veteran has good mix of military information, political views and warm and loving stories about his family. The Violence Worker is an American Air Force veteran who writes passionate posts in support of our military and our country. Military Wives: Please go by and congratulate An Army Wife's Life for being an Award Winning Army Wife and help her out with deciding on some Care Package Themes. Empress Baggie AKA Queen of the World, is totally unexpected and delightful. Jo's Cafe has a rant about Washington getting their (our) priorities in order - I don't care - Get Back to Work for the US Please wouldn't that be new and different! The Patriette has an informative and intellectual blog in support of our military. Today she posts Buy Dinner for a Minnesota National Guard Soldier. She also has a series of posts about the 34th ID. I also like her explanation about her name 'Patriette'. " ... as you may know if you watched "The Smurfs," if you add "ette" to the end of something, it implies that you're a girl." Military Moms: Army Mom In Training posts about her own journey adjusting to having a son in the military. We are fellow travelers. Daily Life of a Marine Mom gives some information on how to help injured soldiers. Kimdergarten has a daughter in the Air Force and another child will be joining soon. PebblePie has a daughter graduating from basic training! Check out Proud Army Mom post on Who is this American Warrior. Also check out this post about her blog. Family: Daddy's Roses has a nice blend of personal and educational posts. I think she was a wonderful teacher! Reasoned Audacity is the wife of a veteran and has a cousin in the service. Ruth Lace is the widow of a World War II Marine veteran, the mother-in-law of a Vietnam veteran and the grandmother of an Army Officer. The Median Sib has one of the most beautiful templates I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying that cause I made it (g). Really, I'm not! Now that I've been shameless about that - how bout checking out her mix of personal, educational, political and support of our military blogging. Friends: Second Twin gives an analysis as to why European Women are Turning to the Islam Religion. She writes, "The death of Muriel Degauque, a Belgian convert who blew herself up in a suicide attack on US troops in Iraq last month, has drawn fresh attention to the rising number of Islamic converts in Europe, most of them women." Whenever I look at A Prairie Rose site I feel warm and cozy just looking at her lovely template. Classical Values not only has a great 'classical' look to his blog, he's a great writer. His is the kind of blog you can get lost in reading. Check out his make-over of Hugo Chevez. Code Red: Women For The Troops. I love her rant on Joel Stein's article Warriors and Wusses, The Foolhardy Wuss. Cozy Reader is getting a blog-lift. Wow! What a new look. Looking forward to what she puts on it! Mark at Knockin' On The Golden Door has must-read about the Stein article on Warriors & Wusses. What Irrepparable Harm

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