Saturday, January 28, 2006

Peace Activists Kidnapped in a War Zone

My heart aches for the various men and women who have been kidnapped in Iraq by terrorists. I hope they are somehow saved unharmed from their imprisonment.

But here is what really irritates me. Why would 'Christian Peace Activists' go into a war zone where people live who have sworn to kill Christians and Jews. Not only that, but they go without security and without any way of defending themselves. AND, call themselves Christian Peace Activists!

They look gaunt and pitiful in the pictures released today.

And now they beg for help.

Who do they think can help them? Who will be expected to help them?

The only people who can help them are American Soldiers. American Soldiers will try to help them. American Soldiers will put themselvs in harms way to do what they can to pull these men and women from the clutches of their tortureres. From the clutches of the people they tried to 'understand' and 'sypathize with' and 'show that all Americans aren't ugly' and 'prove that Jews, Christians and Muslims can get along'.

Did it work? Do the Muslims appreciate your efforts on their behalf? And against your own country?

If they are saved they will be saved by the very people so many of them have dispised.

If they are saved, it will be him or one of his buddies that will save them.

Saving The Peace Activists Excerpt: Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles (A personal favorite, by the way) has a new post about the Christian Peace Activists that are held captive by Iraqi (presumably) terrorists. She says this:And now they beg for help. Who do they Weblog: The Violence Worker! Tracked: 01.28.06 - 4:02 pm