Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Will we let Islam bully us?

Flagrant Harbour has a post explaining that the cartoon riots were not precipitated by the publishing of the cartoons, but started several months later when Islamic leaders of Denmark took the cartoons, along with some they made themselvs that were much more inflamatory, to the Middle East inflaming the populations.

It is time the modern world stood up and demanded that the moderate, tolerant Moslems we are led to believe are the majority of followers, took control of their religion. The reaction to these cartoons, cartoons, demonstrates that Institution of Islam and the people who lead it [not all the people who follow it], truly is the most dangerous enemy to the future of this planet.

Among other things, he points to an excellent article in the UK Opinion.telegraph. Democracy has a gun held to its head

For let us not delude ourselves: it is violence, or the threat of violence, that has driven the decisions that have been made in the past week. At a time when reasonable dialogue is most needed, the supposed custodians of our democracy are allowing a gun to be held to its head.

I've noticed after the strong reaction of the citizens of the western nations over the last few days, more of the Muslim leaders are nervously coming out to call for the riots to stop. I'm thinking they didn't expect the reaction they got. I also think that we must respond with strength and resolve. Just like dealing with a bully on the playground.