Monday, February 06, 2006

The End of Reason

Oh my! It looks like the followers of the “Religion of Peace” are at it again. Muslims are rioting worldwide and targeting Danish and Norwegian embassies wherever they can find them in the Islamic world. The faithful are offended by political cartoons seen in the newspapers of these two countries that depict Mohammad in an unfavorable way. Actually, Muslims believe any images of their prophet are blasphemous. If you blaspheme you are an infidel and must be killed. It really is as simple as that. If you try and look at this thru a Western lens their response to a cartoon is inexplicable. What about freedom of press and speech? Some of us have tried to understand their actions and have even tried to construct a logical syllogism worthy of a college professor in an attempt explain and, thus render acceptable, Muslim reaction. As with many things, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case, it’s in the Koran. What should also be understood is the fact that these are the people we are attempting to deal with worldwide. In Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran and everywhere else including in this country. Sam Harris in his book “The End of Faith” states that the current problems with Muslim terror are not due to Islamic fundamentalists but, rather, the fundamentals of Islam. The issue is world domination. We are at war with Islam for our survival and the survival of Western values and the preservation of reason. We in the United States have some allies in this struggle, namely, everybody else who is not Muslim. It is finally becoming clear to all just who the enemy is and the nature of that enemy. A united front and a determination to end this threat will prevail. We can bring some peace to the followers of this religion.
*written by my Beloved Curmudeon, 2.6.2006. Emphases are mine.
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