Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Link Fest Party

Tuesday Link Fest Party

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“24″ Day 5: 1pm to 2pm Excerpt: Weblog: Jo's Cafe Tracked: 02.07.06 - 3:09 am Stating the Obvious, The Washington Post, and Tuesday LinkFest Excerpt: The Washington Post had a story this morning that made me laugh.Afghan ... Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 02.07.06 - 3:24 am Robert Turner Vs. Glenn Greenwald Excerpt: I tivod The Washington Journal program on C-SPAN yesterday morning (thank you Al Gore for inventing the intraweb and the digital age) and thank you to Glenn Greenwald for mentioning it on his site. Glenn appeared with Con Law professor Robert Turner... Weblog: The Real Ugly American.com Tracked: 02.07.06 - 7:24 am Darth W and His Stormtroopers of Food Distribution Excerpt: Don't look now, but the evil Darth W has done it again!This time, his evil Stormtroopers of Food Distribution are helping to open food centers i Weblog: Random Yak Tracked: 02.07.06 - 7:54 am The Face of Racism Excerpt: On February 2nd, WorldNetDaily published an article accusing Julian Bond, NAACP Chairman, of comparing the GOP to Nazis. The article also went on to accuse Bond of calling Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell "tokens." Bond vehemently denied comparing th... Weblog: Everyman Chronicles Tracked: 02.07.06 - 8:13 am

The fewer assumptions the better Excerpt: In several discussions and debates I have had online, this quote has been presented in such a way, that some appear to think it decisively shuts down any argument in favor of the God of Christianity. Weblog: Mark My Words Tracked: 02.07.06 - 9:30 am