Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend Link Party

I'm a little late getting the linkfest up for the weekend! If you have a post you want to share - send a trackback here. Also, remember there needs to be a link to this blog in the post you trackback here.
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The Chinese telephone and oral transmission Excerpt: I wonder how the Google/China hegemony will deal with that title but on to the subject at hand. In an online discussion I had recently, someone compared the way the Bible developed to the Chinese telephone or whispers game many of us have experienced... Weblog: Mark My Words Tracked: 02.10.06 - 4:28 pm

Cartoon of bloggers Excerpt: What you gonna do about it, bloggy? Riot? Burn down your computer? I dare ya! I dare ya! Trackbacked to: Michelle Malkin Liberal Common Sense THM’s Bacon Bits Quietly Making Noise The Conservative Cat Everyman Chronicles NIF... Weblog: ★imaginekitty ★Tracked: 02.10.06 - 6:49 pm Interesting Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad Excerpt: The work of Muhammad is based on being honored and the work of Christ is based on being insulted. This produces two very different reactions to mockery. . . . If Christ had not been insulted, there would be no salvation. Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 02.11.06 - 12:30 am What Religion are You? Excerpt: If you're confused with all the talk about different religions, there is a handy-dandy quiz you can take to find out what religion is the best fit for you. Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 02.11.06 - 12:40 am My Dignified and Genteel Post of the Day Excerpt: Here is a story - dignified and refined - and hopefully the lesson will stay with you for a long time. Weblog: The Median Sib Tracked: 02.11.06 - 12:50 am

I Think I'm a Rino... Excerpt: Lately, as many of you may have noticed, I haven't been in the mainstream of the Republican Party. I come to realize that I'm more of a conservative-leaning-libertarians rather than the hardcore conservative I once was. Granted, when this blog began ... Weblog: The Liberal Wrong Wing Tracked: 02.11.06 - 5:27 am Weekend Specials 2/11-2/12 Excerpt: New Hee HeeDr. Phat Tony’s has Valentine’s Day Purchase advise here.Mensa Barbie as a recipe for Ginger-Danish-Ice CreamGo check on Casey and Andy, just because Weblog: Jo's Cafe Tracked: 02.11.06 - 6:41 am Speaking of Records.... Excerpt: The "World Team" successfully completed a 400 person formation in skydiving in Thailand! Weblog: Chaotic Synaptic Activity Tracked: 02.11.06 - 9:01 am

Carnival of the Celebrities Excerpt: Mensa Barbie takes on Pamela Anderson. Girl Fight! (Can't call it "cat fight" or PeTA will burn down my embassy.) Weblog: Don Surber Tracked: 02.11.06 - 2:51 pm

A Little Help For A Pal Excerpt: Kit & Heidi from Euphoric Reality are hoping to attend the Milbloggers conference In DC this April. Being normal folks they lack what we around here like to call the crazy pimp money. They put a call out on their blog for some blogger donations, so t... Weblog: Freedom Folks Tracked: 02.11.06 - 8:02 pm