Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What's Everybody Talking About?

I have been very preoccupied trying to get a new domain set up and have royally messed it up. I thought I was really smart last night when I played with a new program and thought I had uploaded a template. I set the settings and went to bed.

I didn't realize till I came home from work this evening that I had messed it up completely. I had messed it up so badly the whole thing was unaccessible. I had generous offers of help from Jo at Jo's Cafe and Pirate's Cove. Uncooperative Blogger emailed me about the time I realized the site wasn't there at all this evening and told me the site was messed up. Sigh!

It was so messed up he eventually just said DELETE and re-install. Which I did and am now trying not to mess it up again!

So that's how I've spent my evening. It's how I'll probably spend the next few evenings....

So while I'm stomping and snorting and whinning and carrying-on how about an evening trackback party.....

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