Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sammenhold - Solidarity Blogroll

Join the Sammenhold Blogroll.

The Sammenhold Blogroll in a way to exhibit our solidarity with the Danish in the fight to preserve our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press and Western society's values.

There are many who have shown great courage in standing up to Islamofascism at great personal risk. We must find ways to let them know they don't stand alone. This is a small way to speak out and show support for those on the front lines of this battle.

The first 25 to join the Sammenhold Blogroll will be Gold Members.

To join:

1. Download one of the buttons in this post.

2. Put the button on your site and link back to Blue Star Chronicles. Please keep in mind that Blue Star Chronicles is moving [it's under construction]. Link to

3. Please also add
Blue Star Chronicles to your blogroll.

4. The code for the blogroll can be found here.

5. Send an email to: with your URL. [while that email is not functioning, please email me at - thanks!]

6. Your site will be reviewed and if you have met the above requirements you will be added to the blogroll.






Feel free to resize buttons as needed. More buttons will be added and I welcome any suggestions for buttons.

If you would like your country's flag as part the animated button,


please let me know and I will be glad to add it.

Just email me at

Blue Star Chronicles reserves the right to remove any site from the Sammenhold Blogroll at my discretion.

Please do not directly link to the buttons on this webspace as this eats up my bandwidth.


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Excerpt: Sammenhold is the Danish word for "solidarity."

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