Sunday, March 05, 2006

Petition in Support of Manifesto Against Islam

A petition is available online in support of the Manifesto Against Islam.

Agora via Polemiken points out that Arab nations are petitioning the U.N. to institute a ban on any kind of slander against religion.

This, in my opinion, violates our fundamental right to freedom of expression - whether we like what's being expressed or not pales in comparison to losing this freedom. Whether we are offended by someone's freedom of expression pales in comparision to being dictated to by Islamofascism.

Doing nothing leaves the door open for the gradual domination of Islam. We must draw a line and no longer tolerate intolerance of our culture, religions, values and societies. Closing our eyes will not make it go away. Evil will prevail if we do nothing.

PBS Watch has some updates on news relating to the Manifesto.

I am very grateful to the Danish for having the courage to stand up to the Islamofascists and the pressure of the world to capitulate to the violence and threats of violence from the Muslim world.


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Islamophobia? Yes! Islamohatred? No!

Excerpt: I think any non-Muslim in his/her right mind is Islamophobic. It is a smart thing to be in today's world. It isn't an irrational fear, but a fear based on widespread real and visible evidence of unstable and irrational Islamic behavior.

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