Friday, March 10, 2006

Can You Eat an Ice Cream Bar and Blog?

Time for a Weekend Linkfest Party ....

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Moron Revealed #23

Excerpt: The Dragonlady knows butt ugly morons when she sees 'em because she was the first to guess correctly that Barbra Streisand is the Moron Of The Week. That means that The Waterglass should be regretting saying that the image looked...

Weblog: The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns

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Big Bucks Extended Weekend Trackback Party & Linkfest Mar. 10-12

Excerpt: This is a Weekend Linkfest & Trackback Party. Trackback to this post and I will link back. Trackback URL Link back to this post Linked To: Conservative Cat Blue Star Chronicles TMH's Bacon Bits The L...

Weblog: Stuck On Stupid

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Friday Forum - It's All About Books

Excerpt: Each week I receive an email from Friday Forum with a topic or questions for blogging. This is the first time I've actually used the suggestion! Look at the topic for this week, and you'll see why I decided to use it. Feel free to follow the link ......

Weblog: The Median Sib

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Roundup and Weekend OTA Open Trackbacks

Excerpt: … a roundup of posts and articles that have caught my interest this week, as well as an open trackback post all weekend long. Link this post and track back…...

Weblog: third world county

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A Soldier's Wife's Fight

Excerpt: Soldier's Wife Says "Bring It On!" A fight to keep a promise to her husband stationed in Iraq.This From the Tampa Tribune: The board offered to move the patriotic tribute to her husband to a more prominent spot in the Westch...

Weblog: Stuck On Stupid

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Newspaper in Education Week

Excerpt: March 6-12 is officially "Newspaper in Education Week"I have to say, I'm personally very supportive of newspapers for educational purposes. There's a lot to be said for our friends in the MSM and their capacity to assist with training

Weblog: Random Yak

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Blue Star Chronicles Is Moving

Excerpt: Blue Star Chronicles is moving to a new location. For those that did not know you can visit the new site here. The site on blogspot is still up and running until the move is finalized.Beth is doing a great job and we can all support her in he...

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Last Weekend Of Spring Break -- Open Trackback Linkfest

Excerpt: I'm headed back to school on Monday -- but I still have time for a couple more nights of rodeo (and four nights next week, for that matter). In the mean time, why don't you folks link up here with...

Weblog: Rhymes With Right

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Carnival of the Moonbat Cartoonists! Issue #1

Excerpt: Welcome to the first issue of Carnival of the Moonbat Cartoonists! This carnival is scheduled for the second Saturday of every month with midnight, the Friday before that day being the

Weblog: Mark My Words

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Introducing the American Conservative Youth Union

Excerpt: We would like to introduce a new form of conservative blogging: the American Conservative Youth Union. The ACYU was founded by two high school students earlier this year. At the ACYU, you can read conservative commentary about the latest issues, but ...

Weblog: American Conservative Youth Union

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Death Of A Hostage


Weblog: Rhymes With Right

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Basil Interviews Me

Excerpt: I like email interviews. Wish we had them when I was a reporter. Great way to get the quotes right. So when Basil at Basil's Blog sought interview subjects, I leaped in.

Weblog: Dob Surber

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Betrayal Open Trackback

Excerpt: This weekend, instead of reading biased newspapers, write something interesting on your blog, make a link to this post, then trackback this URL and - sooner or later - a link to your post will be added at the end of this one. If you can't make a trac...

Weblog: The Right Nation

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Stacey Kelley: Guest Blogger

Excerpt: Stacey Kelly will be guest authoring on this blog. Stacey will be informing us on the situation with here Problems with the homeowners association and whatever else she wants to share with the public. Keep checking back for...

Weblog: Stuck On Stupid

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Ex-White House Aide Arrested In Alleged Refund Scam

Excerpt: Claude Allen, former adviser to President Bush, was arrested this week in Maryland. He was charged with swindling two department stores of over $5,000. Allen had resigned without explanation in early February.

Weblog: Tidbits And Treasures

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Liberty University Arrests

Excerpt: There really isn't much of a story here. A group of protesters decided they wanted to enter private property to conduct their protests, despite being told they were not welcome. More to the point, they are making a specific attempt...

Weblog: Rhymes With Right

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Excerpt: Who are you to...say, believe, do etc. that? How many times do we hear this phrase, and similar, while discussing or debating some contentious issue? The equivalent of saying - wh ...

Weblog: Mark My Words

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Saddam lied and people died

Excerpt: Of course that's not the phrase so popular to those against the war and the Bush administration. However, foolish bumper sticker slogans, more concerned with scoring political points, are a poor substitute for providing for the national ...

Weblog: Mark My Words

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Excerpt: Though instead of the mythical story of running off a cliff, it seems that some decided to leap off of ports ...

Weblog: Mark My Words

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If It Wasn't Sufficient To Remove Clinton...

Excerpt: why should it be sufficient cause to fire a prison guard? As if anybody needed more evidence of how difficult it is to fire a government employee, consider the case of Lovelock prison guard Amie L. Bianchini. Ms. Bianchini was...

Weblog: Rhymes With Right

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