Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Lordy, Lordy. Just saw some interviews of Hobbyworld 'Stars' who were being asked if 'Middle America' (that's us in the fly-over world) was ready to accept a movie about gay cowboys. As Web Loafer points out in the comments section of this post, they weren't cowboys but were sheep herders. But the people in Hobbyworld might not know the difference since most cowboys are in the fly-over world. The closest any of them probably have ever gotten to cowboys was watching Dances With Wolves. Anyway .... I was laughing my head off at the answers the 'Stars' were giving. One said, 'Uh .... who?'. The interviewer asked again, 'Do you think hollywood has lost touch with Middle America?'. The actor replied again, 'who?'. After being asked again the actor slurred, 'I don't know, what do you think?' Then another actor, I'm sorry, 'Star', replied to the question, 'With the internet, cable TV, and all, I think people in Middle America are getting more hip.' He said this with a little question mark at the end of the sentence. As if he wasn't quite sure that Middle America was very 'hip' at all. But maybe there's hope. I had the distinct impression he was trying to be very 'hip' by being tolerant and understanding of Middle America. I think that means Middle America (that's us in the fly-over land) is a different breed altogether from the 'Stars'. Weren't they born and raised in Middle America? Guess not. They were born to be 'Stars'. I think that also means that if you want to be 'hip' you have to like what the 'Stars' like. Otherwise, you just aren't very well informed at all. And you certainly aren't 'hip'. arrivederci