Saturday, January 21, 2006

Is This For Real?

The Median Sib points to a post she found on the Democratic Underground.

(Speaking of Osama Bin Laden and the recent videotape) - and how it was probably a fake orchestrated by President Bush to swing public opinion his way) Actually, I don't think he ever existed. I think he is a muppet. But if he IS real and IS willing to stop in Iraq and Afghanistan, that would be good news. Not that I want attacks here, but we can absorb them a lot lot better than those poor people. If it is real (and I hear you about the orchestrated element) it seems rather promising? Or am I drinking the Kool-aid. I really like the orange flavor.

I went over and took a gander and there is more: Another poster writes:

It's like being in an alternate universe Nothing surprises me anymore. Right is wrong, black is white. Osama and Bush are working together. Really, how can there not be a connection here? This is just WAAYYYY too overt. To say it might be orchestrated is an understatement..there is definitely a connection. And we have to remain vigilant, continue to stay smart, and go after this hard, knowing the truth will soon be uncovered if we just keep pressing.

This site is full of these kinds of post. Talk about conspiracy theories. We may need more than orange flavored kool-aide! More about this at Knockin' On The Golden Door