Saturday, January 21, 2006

ACLU - Willfull Ignorance?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks that this war is about more than a handful of al-Quada medieval cave-dwellers with satellite dishes, laptops and cell phones. My Vast Right Ring Conspiracy has a rant about this very issue, Stupidity or Sedition? I couldn't agree with her more and I think more of us should say so. For some reason we are not supposed to say what we really think. We are not supposed to call Muslims terrorists or terrorists Muslims. We are not supposed to call this a war of ideologies or a religious war. We aren't supposed to say anything about it being a war between the Muslim world and Western culture. We aren't supposed to look at the American citizens who are undermining our country by giving aid and comfort to our enemies and tell them to shut up or get out. It's not fashionable to be patriotic. It's fashionable to criticize our country and have 'understanding' for our enemy. It's fashionable to blame the United States for being attacked. It's fashionable to blame the United States for basically everything that's wrong in the world. The childish, naive, sheltered, silly, clueless, trying-to-be-hip rhetoric of the 'intellectual elite' and the hobbyworld airheads would be comical if it weren't so irritating. More importantly it's dangerous. The recording Osama Bendover released yesterday is proof enough that our enemies keep a close eye on American media. He spoke directly to his supporters in this country. The Michael Moores of America. I guess we'll just keep going on as usual. Like nothing else is going on in the world around us. We really don't want to have to think any deeper than our Beemers and Versace. Admitting there is a war with a radical cult ideology that is embraced by a huge percentage of the world's population is a real party-pooper. Bummmm-err! People aren't hung for treason anymore. Mores the pity. hat tip: The Median Sib Please visit: Cao's weekly Open Trackback Party and Linkfest Haven