Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Arcata, Arcata

Arcata, California officials are predominantly members of the Green Party. The City of Arcata is making news in that their city council is calling for the impeachment of our President and calling for our troops to pull out of Iraq right now. They are making a lot of noise generally considered highly disrespectful of our government. A statue of President McKinney is repeatedly vandalized in the town and the city council has laughed about these hijinks and made not so nice jokes about the vandalisms. Apparently, the mayor of the town is concerned that the city council is not in touch with what the people of the town think and feel. More specifically, he seems concerned that the outspoken la-la-land-isms are going to affect the town's tourist industry. Who cares? I'm just wondering if California has considered seceding from the Union yet.