Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brief Thoughts On Marital Bliss

Pick your battles. Just like raising children and in most of our other relationships, if you fight over everything that comes up you'll be fighting all the time. So just stick to the important stuff. My husband was born without a decorating gene. It doesn't exist within him. He's notorious at his work for the lack of any effort whatsoever to do anything with his office. There's a desk, chair and what else do you need? One day he told me he had put some pictures up in his office. Wow! I was really impressed. He was fixing up his office. So I stopped by to see what he'd done. As I walked into his office I saw plain paper taped to the wall in front of his desk. Yes, he had printed out his pictures on PLAIN paper and TAPED them to the wall in front of his desk! They were situated in such a way that I couldn't see what was printed on them as I walked in and I thought for a moment how sweet that was. He had tried to decorate. I laughed to myself at how typical that was of him to do it so ineptly. It was endearing - really! He looked up and we chatted for a second and then I walked around his desk and saw the pictures of his family he had put on the wall. He had printed out pictures of his dogs. HIS DOGS! I asked him if it had occured to him to put human beings on the wall. Like maybe a picture of his kids or his wife for instance! He looked so puzzled that I had to laugh. The good part about this is that it has given me something to never let him live down. :) Since then, his staff has helped him some. He has a lamp and actual picture frames with pictures of his grandkids in them. He has started printing out his pictures on photo paper at least, but still tapes them to the wall. He has pictures of Doc Holliday and various cartoons and gun-slinging photos with sayings like 'Go Ahead Make My Day' and other such things. Still no picture of his wife. Is that worth fighting over? No. Not to me. That's just him.
I think that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is being able to be okay with your husband being who he is.