Monday, March 17, 2008

Official Extended Promotional Trailer - Lost Season 4

I am addicted to Lost. Season 4 started on January 31st so I should have posted this promotional trailer a little earlier. I recently found a site called Lostology that has a ton of information about Lost and, just so you're warned, some spoilers.

My head is still spinning over this weeks episode. I've heard a lot of people suggesting that the Oceanic Six obviously now includes Baby Aaron. I'm having a hard time with that, but if Aaron isn't the 6th survivor that who is? So far we know for certain that the Oceanic Six include Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sayid and Sun. We've seen Ben in the flash forwards, but he wouldn't be included as one of the survivors. We have no idea if Desmond makes it back. We know that Baby Aaron is back. The problem I'm having with that is that Aaron was not technically a passenger on the flight. I suppose the story line could be that he was born on the island and for whatever reason Claire didn't make it. Didn't Jack say there were eight survivors but two of those didn't make it? Or is part of the lie they are telling that Aaron is Kate's child?

And another thing .... where are the other survivors and why would Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sayid and Sun agree to lie about them surviving. Are they back on the island or did something happen to them all? Why is Sayid working for Ben? Was there only room to get those few out before something stopped the rest from getting out? Why would they not send help back.

I believe they are back on the island which is why Hurley and Jack are so adamant that they have to go back. Obviously, Charlie appeared to Hurley and told him that 'they' needed him.

So many mysteries. Sometimes I think I'd be better to just wait till the season is over and watch the DVDs all at once. This wait between weeks can be excruciating!