Thursday, March 20, 2008

Employee Training with Animated Software Products

Employee training is one of the most important aspects of any business. Your business will be judged by the quality of your employees. They can make or break you. Employers are often looking for ways to enhance employee training to make it more effective.

The has designed a new kind of training and communication strategy that is geared toward just this concern of employers. We all know that visual aids are commonly used because of the impact they have. takes the visual aid another step to make an even more powerful tool for training employees.

They incorporate humor and animation in their customer service videos to help make your training and communications more effective and memorable. covers a broad range of training needs such as customer service, sales and effective communications.

One training program currently in great demand is call center training. The reason for this demand is that the call center business has spread globally. Many of these centers are based in non-Western countries because of the cost savings to locate there. Marastar understands the particular needs of being able to train employees globally and employees who may not be accustomed to interacting with Western customers. Their training software is very helpful from the standpoint of being able to train globally. builds their training software on the concept of 'First you laugh, then you learn'. By integrating cartoons into the training program they use humor to teach important business lessons. The animations are short and humorous which helps with our notoriously short attention spans while still getting the message across. The humor also improves retention of the message.

Studies have shown there are many benefits to laughter. Laughter causes our bodies to release endorphins, and reduces the hormone released during stress response. Our heart rate quickens, our brains become more active. Humor puts us in a better state of mind and makes us more receptive. Our minds and bodies make a connection between what we’ve seen or heard and the good feeling that followed. All of this leads to improved retention!

I have been an employee and seen the eyes of my employees glaze over when discussing issues that must be covered, but that even I knew was boring. Its great to know there is a company out there that is addressing that issue and creating training that will keep your employees attention even if the subject matter is not that exciting!