Monday, March 17, 2008

Car Lease Analysis

When I was an executive and ran a business, I had an automobile allowance as part of my compensation package. I also had a travel allowance. I leased an automobile of my choice and received a monthly payment from my company that covered the cost of my car. I admit it was a nice perk and I miss it. Since I left that position I'm having to pay for my own car, but I suppose that beside the point.

As much as I liked that perk, the truth is I got the car I wanted and let the company pay for it. I am a very honest person and never took advantage of the perks I got as an executive, but we are all human and when we are making purchases for ourselves it is easy to justify a lot of things. That is why I think it is prudent, from a business standpoint, to have that sort of transaction take place with more oversight than I and many other executives have.

The question then is who has the expertise and/or the time to oversee such minute details of a business. It was my job as the executive to run the business. I had a board of directors, but they had their own businesses and lives and certainly didn't want to be involved in the day to day running of the business. After all, that's what I was there for. So how is a company to safeguard against taking advantage of these sorts of benefits?

An obvious answer is to get completely unbiased input on the decisions made of this sort. is a website that provides just this service. Using the lease calculator on the website helps the user determine favorable rates and is not biased toward any particular vehicle manufacturer. It also does not favor any particular bank or lending institution. This is a great tool for making an informed, unbiased decision in any Car Lease Analysis.

There are many parts to consider in a leasing agreement, such as the interest rate being charged, the dealer’s profit, the amount of down payment and mileage restrictions. Put all of these together and come up with a lease factor instead of focusing on just the monthly payment amount. This site guides you through the analysis step by step and will almost certainly save anyone money on their next lease if used before committing to the dealer’s first offer and terms.