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Carnival of Blue Stars - # 4

Carnival of Blue Stars Welcome to the Fourth Carnival of Blue Stars. Our military men and women are our best and brightest! Their accomplishments are the pride of our country.

The Carnival of Blue Stars gives us, the families, friends, supporters, veterans and current service members an opportunity to have a voice in the Blogsphere.

The history of the Blue Star Banner can be found here.

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Atlas Shrugs tells the story of the mother of a fallen soldier, Marilee Carlson, who is trying to get her story out. She has been disturbed by that other mother getting so much attention through media stunts. The other mother's message is so negative that Ms. Carlson has tried through a family organization she chairs to get positive messages out about our military. She's not had much success in getting the MSM to give any air time to her story. Guess the progress and good things our military is doing just isn't as interesting as the other mother kissing Chavez.

Thirdee at Code Red: Women for the Troops gives us a great example of why children have more wisdom than adults at times. She quotes 5th grader Brett Owen, 'You should feel proud and say, "Wow! My dad is a hero. He'll risk his life to defend our country." You really should read the rest.

She also has posted an article about how
bloggers are playing a role in getting the news out about our military. Hooah

The Cozy Reader writes about fading stars and how they might better spend their money and support the troops that make it possible for being as ditzy as they are (I added the last part - poetic license!)

A Rose by any Other Name, has posted a request for emails of encouragement to a family who lost a son in Iraq and are now being stalked and mercilessly harrassed by anti-war hate-mongers. This story just infuriates me.

Please take the time to send encouragement to this family who has sacrificed so much and are suffering at the hands of people who don't understand they are only able to say and do the things they are doing because of people like them.

Anna hat tips Wordsmith at
Sparks from the Anvil, you can read more there. You can also read more about this at A Soldier's Perspective.

Retired Sgt Major
Echo9er posted about the adjustments the Army is making in its global force posture to meet the challenges the American Army faces today.

You Betcha I'm a Proud Army Mom gives us a post to help lighten up the aggrevation at all the negative 'news' we hear on the MSM about our Soldiers and our country. She says she's trying to get her sense of humor back (I can relate, btw). In order to brighten things up a bit, she post about a War Dog Memorial Dedication Ceremony coming up in June.

The Carnival is going to end on that note this week. I appologize for it being short, but I've just slap run out of time. I know there are so many great posts that honor our Soldiers and speak to the concerns and pride of the families and friends of our Soldiers.

Let me know if you have a post you feel needs to be included.

Thanks to everyone for participating and especially thanks to all of our men and women in the Armed Forces.

I hope you all have a great week!


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