Monday, February 27, 2006

Just Call Me a Soothsayer

A commenter calling himself 'advisor' took exception to one of my posts about the movie Valley of Wolves. Advisor (whose link doesn't go to a blog) says that I have obviously not seen the movie (which I haven't). He says that ....

Besides, when hollywood shows every muslim as terrorist, every latin as drugger and every japan as yakuza, everybody knows this is not true. Smilarly, everybody can see that this movie is not anti-semitist.

When I first read that I thought, 'No, Hollywood is much too politically correct these days to show anyone in any stereotypical way (with a few exceptions).' But after thinking about it a minute I thought a history lesson might be in order. You see the map below. That's the United States. The blue areas are the people you see on TV and in movies. They are the ones that carry on and worry about political correctness and that people in France might not like us. The blues are the ones who complain about guns and hunting. The red areas are the rest of us. Middle America. Fly Over Country. It's a big country and an awful lot of people live in the red areas. The reds are the ones that have a lot of guns and know how to hunt well. You don't hear a lot from us. Yet.

If you want an education watch the History Channel and pay particular attention to the battle of Iwo Jima and the battle for Omaha Beach. Go downtown in any American town on a Saturday night and make note of all the punks and fat boys standing around on the street corner’s, and go to any college and count all the pink-fingered mama’s boys with a backpack full of books and then watch the first half of Full Metal Jacket and never forget the American military still knows how to turn them all into soldiers. Keep it up and these are the people who will be coming to get you. Once America decides to participate in your jihad there won’t be enough virgins to go around and the word martyr will stick in your throat.


Update: TMH's Bacon Bits has a history lesson posted today asking Has Radical Islam’s “Line of Death” Been Crossed Again?. 'It is a signal that serious conflict is about to escalate as western cultures will either clash or die through toleration of this violent incursion.' It's well worth the read.