Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cowardly Jihadists Target Cartoonist's Child

I'm really loving the Danes.

During an interview with TV-Avisen a spokesman for the Liberal party in Denmark, Jens Rohde, revealed that 12 Muslim men have targeted the daughter of one of the Cartoonists who drew the cartoons of Muhammad. The men attempted to get her at her school. Fortunately, she was not at school at the time.

He also revealed that the cartoonists have been in hiding, have had death threats and their lives turned upside down.

This came during an interview in which Jens Rohde was discussing an interview in which the Prime Minister of Denmark attacked the business community of Denmark for putting profit over Freedom of Speech.

the Police Intelligence Service: [English transaltion courtesy of Agora]:

Unsafe for the Cartoonists

Four months after the cartoons were published, the Police Intelligence Service still doesn’t think it’s safe for the cartoonists to live in the open in Denmark.

They are therefore still under police protection at secret addresses. From sources near to the cartoonists, is informed that some of them are receiving help from a psychologist to them deal with the situation.

"None of them had thought that their cartoons would create such a worldwide ruckus," the source says.


My Take on the events Sorrounding the whole Jens Rohde debacle

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